Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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20230905 RESIZED MPL Dewey Decimal Trail 3 webMcAllen Public Library is excited to announce the installation of new plaques along its popular Dewey Decimal Trail at the Main Library, located at 4001 N. 23rd St. This picturesque walking trail has been a favorite destination for library patrons and enthusiasts alike, and the addition of these plaques adds a new layer of educational engagement to the experience.

The Dewey Decimal Trail, nestled within the library’s beautifully landscaped surroundings, features 10 distinct pictorial guideposts, each corresponding to the 10 subject areas of the renowned Dewey Decimal System. This unique feature allows visitors to not only enjoy a leisurely stroll, but also to gain insight into the various disciplines that contribute to the vast world of knowledge encompassed by the library's collection.

"These new plaques truly enhance the Dewey Decimal Trail experience," said Kate Horan, Library Director. "We believe that combining physical activity with educational opportunities fosters a greater appreciation for learning and discovery. The trail is designed to be both informative and enjoyable for visitors of all ages and instill a sense of local pride."

The Dewey Decimal Trail is not only a wonderful destination for individuals and families seeking a peaceful outdoor experience, but also an ideal spot for school group visits. Educators and students alike can explore the trail while learning about the fundamental categories that organize the wealth of information found within the library's extensive collection.

For the convenience of patrons, ample parking areas are available in front of the Main Library, making access to the Dewey Decimal Trail easy and convenient.

“We invite everyone to come and take a leisurely walk along the Dewey Decimal Trail, immerse themselves in the world of knowledge, and experience the new plaques that will further elevate this unique educational and recreational resource,” concluded Horan.