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Terry Smith

20170126 Terry Smith EditedBorn in Oklahoma and reared in Denton, Texas. Terry Smith has been a resident of Nashville, TN since 1972, when he moved there to pursue a songwriting career. By day, he taught school and afternoons and evenings he walked the streets of Music Row, knocking on doors, visiting publishing companies, and pitching his songs.

His persistency paid off. Over the years his songs have been recorded by a wide array of artists. His most well-known composition is “Far Side Banks of Jordan,” first released by Johnny and June Carter Cash and subsequently cut by over 300 performers.

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Dale and Gayle Eisenhauer

Genres: Country, folk, cowboy, gospel, rock & pop, and comedy
Specialty: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Tour Dates:

Dayle and GayleDale & Gayle Eisenhauer, now simply “Dale & Gayle” are retired school teachers from the little town of Newkirk in northern Oklahoma. They are on their 10th year as full-time entertainers, traveling and spreading their love of music to everyone they meet. Since their retirement of 30 years each in the public school systems, they have visited and entertained in 38 states and performed nearly 1,000 shows.

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Trailer Park Patsy - Donna Sue

2017 Donna Sue ThumbPerforming for shows and dances. 
Classic Country, Blues, Big Band, Rock, 50 and 60's, Folk, Gospel.

I was raised by a single Mother and my love of music came early in life.  Mother worked as a waitress at a Honky Tonk and we heard many country bands as I grew up.  Mom also loved Gospel, Big-Band and Blues music.  My best audience was Grandma and I sang and danced to her for hours.  So, from knee high I was always was in my blood you could say. 

I started really learning about singing when I joined the choir at church and then in my high school years in the High School Choir.  Then marriage and children took over my life for many years and my singing was to small children and while driving my car, that was my new audience for many years. 

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Helen Russell & Company

Genre: Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Gospel, Classic Rock
Specialty: Live Music/Comedy Variety Shows and Dances
Tour Dates:

Helen Russell PROMO 3

Helen Russell & Company are from Missouri and very excited to be returning to the Rio Grande Valley for their 6th season! They are honored to have been awarded "Best Small Band Variety Show" by the Valley Star Awards for 2018, 2019, and 2020 and received the Wintertainer of the Year Award in 2020!

Their 2022 show "Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock & Roll" will entertain you with great vocals, scalding piano, hot licks on the banjo and jumpin' bass guitar with a variety of Country, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Gospel and Classic Rock music of the 50's to the 80's, plus a tribute to our Veterans!

Comedy that will tickle your funny bone and impersonations of all your favorites such as Cher, Dolly, Little Richard, June Carter Cash, Waylon, Willie and many more! This high energy show will leave you 100% entertained!

Contact info: 573-216-3999
Live Videos
Our email:
Facebook:  Helen Russell
You tube:  Helen Russell and Company

Helen Russell & Company 2021-2022 RGV Schedule Coming Soon

 DEC-17   RANCHERO VILLAGE            3-5 PM    DANCE    WESLACO
DEC-18   PALMDALE RESORT              7-9 PM    SHOW     LOS FRESNOS
DEC-19   PHARR SOUTH                 6:30-8 PM    SHOW     PHARR
DEC-22   McALLEN MOBILE                7-9 PM     SHOW     McALLEN
DEC-31   SUNSET PALMS (closed)    8-12 PM     DANCE    BROWNSVILLE
JAN-02   ALAMO PALMS                 6-7:30 PM     SHOW     ALAMO
JAN-05   ALAMO REC PARK           6:30-8 PM     SHOW     ALAMO
JAN-06   TWIN PALMS                         7-9 PM     SHOW     RIO HONDO
JAN-07   WINTER GREEN EST  6:30-8:30 PM     SHOW     MISSION
JAN-08   ORANGE GROVE              7-8:30 PM    SHOW     EDINBURG
JAN-09   BIG VALLEY                     7-8:45 PM    SHOW     DONNA
JAN-12   4-SEASONS RV                     7-9 PM    DANCE    BROWNSVILLE
JAN-14   CIRCLE T RV                    7-8:30 PM    SHOW     MISSION
JAN-15   EASTGATE RV           7:30-10:30 PM    DANCE   HARLINGEN
JAN-16   VALLEY VIEW                       7-9 PM     SHOW    MISSION
JAN-18   WINTER TEX EXPO   9:30-10:30 AM    SHOW    McALLEN
JAN-22   LEISURE VALLEY               7-10 PM    DANCE   MISSION
JAN-25   FUN-N-SUN                      7-8:45 PM    SHOW    SAN BENITO
JAN-26   BENTSEN GROVE            7-8:45 PM    SHOW    PALMVIEW
JAN-28   SUNSHINE RV                       7-9 PM    SHOW    HARLINGEN
JAN-29   WINTER HAVEN                  7-10 PM    DANCE   BROWNSVILLE
JAN-31   ALADDIN VILLAS                  7-9 PM    SHOW     MISSION
FEB-02   SAN JUAN GARDENS      7-8:45 PM    SHOW     SAN JUAN
FEB-03   GREEN GATE GROVE           7-9 PM    SHOW     PALMVIEW
FEB-04   BENTSEN PALM                 7-10 PM    DANCE    MISSION
FEB-05   CHIMNEY PARK                   2-4 PM    SHOW      MISSION
FEB-09   LAMPLIGHTER                     7-9 PM    SHOW     PALMVIEW
FEB-10   WINTER RANCH                   7-9 PM    SHOW     ALAMO
FEB-12   SNOW TO SUN                     7-10 PM    DANCE    WESLACO
FEB-13   MAGIC VALLEY                    7-9 PM    SHOW     WESLACO
FEB-14   TROPIC WINDS                    7-9 PM    SHOW     HARLINGEN
FEB-15   TIP-O-TEXAS                        7-9 PM    SHOW     PHARR
FEB-18   RIO VALLEY                         7-9 PM    SHOW     WESLACO
FEB-19   EASTGATE RV          7:30-10:30 PM    DANCE    HARLINGEN
FEB-20   LaHACIENDA                        2-4 PM    SHOW     ALAMO
FEB-21   J-5 RV PARK                    7-8:45 PM    SHOW     MISSION
FEB-23   SNOW TO SUN                 6:30-8 PM    SHOW     WESLACO
FEB-24   PARADISE PARK                   7-9 PM    SHOW     HARLINGEN
FEB-26   WINTER HAVEN                  7-10 PM    DANCE   BROWNSVILLE
MAR-02  PARK PLACE                         7-9 PM    SHOW     HARLINGEN
MAR-11  FIG TREE RV                        7-9 PM    SHOW     HARLINGEN
MAR-12  EASTGATE RV          7:30-10:30 PM    DANCE   HARLINGEN
MAR-13  DON-WES FLEA MKT         11-3 PM    MUSIC    DONNA

Entertainers of the Year named at Valley Star Awards Show

20170223 WTT Valley Star Awards LG 54Those who attended this year’s Valley Star Awards Show last weekend at Mission Bell Resort were richly rewarded with an evening packed with outstanding entertainment, from beginning to end.

Five top-notch performers put on a show that surely must have been one of the best shows ever performed in the Valley.

Not having seen them perform previously, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the Edinburg Folkloric Dancers, but I was very pleasantly surprised with their outstanding performance of a native Indian dance that was comparable to the Polynesian dancers I have seen perform in Hawaii. Very impressive.

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Great entertainment planned for Valley Star Awards Saturday

20170216 Leslie Blassing KO DSC 0075The Valley Star Awards Show has some of the Valley’s top entertainers lined up to perform as awards are presented for Entertainer of the Year and other top entertainer awards.

Competition for the awards has been exciting and Winter Texans requested their ballots earlier this year so they could be sure to vote for their favorites.

On Saturday, Feb. 18 the Valley Star Awards Show, the Winter Texan version of the Academy Awards, will be announced in a show starting at 6 p.m. at Mission Bell Resort, 1711 E. Bus. 83, Mission. Tickets are $15 and are available at Mission Bell Resort, the Winter Texan Times and can be ordered by phone at (865) 253-2514.

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Valley Star Awards Coming Feb. 18

Anticipation is growing as entertainers in the Rio Grande Valley await this year’s selections for the prestigious Valley Star Awards. Winter Texans across the Rio Grande Valley are already asking for the ballots to vote for their favorite performers. The ballot is inside today’s edition of the Winter Texan Times.

Nominees for this year’s Male Vocalist of the Year include Mario Rosales, who has made a name for himself in the Valley in a few short years as a comedian and singer. John Sager, Branson entertainer, has been named Male Vocalist of the Year several times and was also named Entertainer of the year twice. Bill Chrastil was named Male Vocalist of the Year in 2016. The fourth nominee for male vocalist is Rolando Reyes, who is always a popular performer known for his beautiful voice.

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Nominations sought for Valley Star Awards

The following list of names of entertainers has been composed for possible nominations for the upcoming Valley Star Awards in February. If your favorite star’s name is not on the list and he or she is returning this season, call Robert or Billie Ferguson at (574) 361-2947 by Dec. 8 and they will add the name to the list.

Once the list is complete it will be given to the activity directors at their December meeting. The activity directors will vote for their top four favorites in each category. The top four names in each category will be the final nominees appearing on the ballot in the Winter Texan Times in January.

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Great entertainment planned for Valley Star Awards

Winter Texans have been mailing their Valley Star Award ballots and using the online ballot at to vote for their favorite entertainers. The ballots have been coming in at a stead rate, and are being counted now as the cut-off date was Tuesday.

Saturday night a large crowd is expected to gather at Mission Bell Resort where the winners will be announced. But in addition to announcing the winners, there will be some great entertainment from new entertainers to the Valley and from some entertainers who have previously won the honors. It promises to be a great event.

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Vote for 2016 Valley Star Awards

It is time again to select Winter Texans’ favorite entertainers for the 2016 Valley Star Awards. This year’s ballot is in this week’s edition of the Winter Texan Times on page 8. Choose to use the ballot in today’s paper and mail it to 1217 N. Conway, Mission TX 78572, or, vote online at Ballots must be received by Feb. 16 to be counted.

Nominees for Male Vocalist of the Year are John Sager, Mario, Bill Chrastil and J.C. Harrisson. Female Vocalist of the Year nominees are Susan Hudson Carman, Leslie Blasing, Ruthi and Maggie Mae.

Family Musical Group nominees are Lindley Creek, CrossStrung, Southern Anthem and Goldwing Express. Non-related Musical Group of the Year nominees include Razz Ma Tazz, Men of A-Chord, Sweet Adelines and Senior Ambassadors.

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