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Winter Texan TIMES Serving Winter Texans FromMission To South Padre Island Since 1987 Vol. 35, No. 2 © 2021 Wednesday, October 27, 2021 Blankets for Veterans spreads to Valley Get ready for the Annual RGV Birding Festival INDEX “On the road with Jo” p 9 Medical Services p 10 Parks Calendar p 11 WintertainersTM p 11 Taste of the Valley p 15 Events Calendar p 16 Reunions p 16 Business Guide p 16 Classifieds p 17 Rina’s Ramblings See BIRDING pg. 4 See BLANKETS pg. 2 See RAMBLINGS pg. 8 See BUTTERFLY pg. 16 Butterfly festival this weekend WELCOME BACK! We’re Glad You’re Here! Blankets forVeterans, a non-profit organization created by a 17-yrold in Wisconsin, made it to a local Valley Winter Texan Park last season. Autumn Acres resident, Kathy Hanson, is the proud grandmother of Aubree Leitermann, the founder of the organization. Leitermann, who visited Hanson recently, was able to give some of the blankets that were made by Hanson, and others, to Veterans in the park. Leitermann, Hanson says, has always been interested in how people were making big differences doing small, simple good deeds. It didn’t take long for her granddaughter to find out what deed she could do to bring smiling faces to an important group of people. In 2014, Leitermann’s aunt worked for an air medical transport company. Leitermann was told by her aunt how she was helping to transport older Veterans to their homes. Her grandfathers were Veterans that served in the Army, Put the dates of November 10-14 on your calendar for the upcoming Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. And you might want some extra days before or after to continue adding birds to your list, your memory card, or just your memory. The Valley is always full of colorful birds, friendly people, and plenty of birders. Throw in a few tacos here and there, and you have a Fiesta. The festival will offer over 120 field trips for the five days, keynote speakers, afternoon presentations, a rousing trade show (called Birders Purple Gallinule The 25th Butterfly Festival is this weekend, Saturday, October 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visitors are invited to come and see why the City of Mission is a hotspot for butterflies and has gained worldwide recognition for those beautiful fliers. The community day will give attendees the opportunity to make their own banana brew, attend ‘Butterfly U’, enjoy arts and crafts and more. Vendors and exhibits It’s so nice to see the news that we have been receiving. From the looks of things, this is going to be a great year. And I know I have said that before. Museums, concerts and other events that were either cancelled or went virtual last year, are making a comeback this year. Because of the lapse in time from the previous event, organizers are set to make this year’s events even more exciting. Everyone is eager to have Aubree and Darrel Waters

OCTOBER 27, 2021 2 WINTER TEXAN TIMES BLANKETS From pg. 1 Navy and Air Force, so she knew the sacrifice these Veterans made and how important they were. She felt even though she was ten she could make a difference in their lives. She took her savings that year and made tie blankets for her aunt to give to the Veterans. Her mom then shared what her daughter did on her Facebook page. Instantly, friends of her mom wanted to donate money so she could keep making more blankets to give to Veterans. The more people heard about what she was doing, the more they wanted to help. In January 2015, the first community blanket making event was held. In just two hours, the people at the event, made 70 blankets. An event is now held every year in her hometown. Money for the blankets is donated by Veteran groups, companies, individuals and even those that have already received blankets. Aubree has received several awards including ones from Wisconsin governor’s wife, Obama, and will be receiving an award from Biden for her numerous hours of service recognizing Veterans. The blankets are fairly simple to make. They are made of two separate pieces of fleece, each one and one-half yards. They are matched up and a 5”X5” piece of each corner is removed, and one-inch slits are cut around the blanket. The matched lengths are tied together around all four sides melding the two together into one blanket. No sewing is required. It takes one person approximately one and onehalf hours to complete a blanket. Due to COVID, this year’s blanket making event on February 28th was done virtually on Zoom allowing her grandmother Kathy Hanson, and Great Aunt Judi Jansen, to attend. Grandma Kathy missed attending the event in person when she became a Winter Texan in 2020. It makes Aubree happy to see the smiles on the Veterans, said Hanson. It makes her feel connected to Veterans that served long before she was born and gives her and others a chance to show their appreciation to those that served. In late March, Autumn Acres allowed Aubree to present Darrel Waters, 91, who served in the Army from 1951-1954, and Darrel Hoffman, also 91, who served as a Marine from 1952-1955 with blankets made by Hanson and Jansen. The ladies hope to gather again next year to make blankets here in Texas when Aubree is hosting her blanket making event in Wisconsin. Each blanket is made special with a tag attached that says, “Thank you for your service to our country. Here is a small token of appreciation for you to enjoy.” The tag is also signed by everyone who helped make that blanket. You can check out Aubree’s Facebook page “Aubree’s Blankets for Veterans” for more information or to donate. Aubree and Darrel Hoffman Judi Jansen and Kathy Hanson

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Dogs Playing for Life, a national leader in teaching shelters how to provide stress-reducing animal enrichment, will be visiting PVAS, working to evaluate some of their animals and, more importantly, continue training their staff on how to effectively run playgroups for dogs. During the following times, they invite the public out to the shelter to see their pets in action in playgroups---and maybe find the perfect playmate to take home to adopt or foster. Events are planned throughout the week with the final events on Friday at the PVAS l cation at 2501 W. Trenton Rd. in Edinburg. ADogs ‘n’ Donuts event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon and a Yappy Hour will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Ensuring that each dog in the shelter receives the daily enrichment it needs while they are at the shelter is a priority. The Dogs Playing for Life program is the best way we can make that happen with so many dogs in care. "We're so excited to have Dogs Playing for Life visiting us again," says Palm Valley Executive Director Donna Casamento. "Our shelter is at capacity, and we think this is a great way for adopters and fosters to see the true personalities of some of our pets." All interested adopters and fosters will be able to take home their new pet the same day. During the month of October, all adoption fees are waived, and all pets leave healthy and with all age-appropriate vaccinations. Animals who are not yet spayed or neutered require a refundable surgery deposit. Foster homes are provided all the supplies they need to care for the pet. Joining the foster community puts people in touch with oth r members f the community who c re about pets and want to make a difference in the Rio Grande Valley. "We know how hard PVAS works to help the pets of their community," says Mike Kaviani, chief program officer at Dogs Playing for Life. "We hope that lots of the community will come out to see the dogs having a blas in playgroups and that we might be able to help make many adoptions or foster matches." About Palm Valley A imal Society Palm Valley Animal Society (PVAS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal welfare organization serving five muni ipalities in Hi algo County, as well as the county at-large. PVAS operates two facilities in Edinburg, taking in approximately 20,000 animals on behalf of 550,000 residents each year. PVAS accepts stray animals from municipalities and counties who contract their services regardless of age, health, or breed, making them the largest intake facility in Hidalgo County, and one of the largest intake facilities in the country. More information is available on their social media outlets.

OCTOBER 27, 2021 4 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Bazaar), a whopping silent auction, a souvenir booth, and the fabulous art and photographs from local students. Some reunite with birders from across the country – seeing old friends and making new ones. Be sure to plan your trip to arrive on Tuesday to attend the Welcome Reception Tuesday evening. There will be music, noshes, and sips. Watch the website for more information about the event. Online registration is currently open, but closes at the end of the day today, and events are filling up fast. While everyone who participates pays a registration fee, visitors/ participants have the option of purchasing a Kiskadee Pass – an allevent pass that gets you into the talks – during online registration for a savings or buying tickets separately at the door. All field trips are priced according to entry fees/ vehicles used/number of guides allotted. Field trips include Alligators and Sea Turtles, Arroyo Colorado Unit, Audubon Islands of LagunaMadre, Bahia Grande Unit, Battlefields of Brownsville, Bentsen-RGV State Park, Big Day Vans, Bio-Blitz using iNaturalist at West Wildlife Preserve, Bird Banding, Birding for New Birders, Breakfast with the Birds at Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Butterflies, and so many more. S p e a k e r s for this year’s event include Christian Hag e n l o c h e r , Kristi Dranginis, Nathan Pieplow, Bill Cark, Mike Stewart, Christine Gurley, and Tim Brush. Topics of talks include ABig Year of Birding on a Budget, Unusual Raptor Plumages, Changing Birdlife of a Tropical Frontier, Birding the World, Instinctive Birding, Identify any Bird Anywhere, and several more. If you have questions, feel free to call the registration office at (209) 227-4823 or visit the website at COVID regulations will be in place including temperature checks, encouragement of face masks during the festival – required when on vans and buses and other areas where social distancing cannot be maintained, and hand sanitizer will be available. BIRDING From pg. 1 Black Bellied Whistling Duck Green Jay Ferruginous Pygmy Owl Crested Caracara Photo by Mary Beth Stowe

5 WINTER TEXAN TIMES OCTOBER 27, 2021 • 12 Colors Vinyl Siding • Complete Building Supplies • Patio Covers & Carports • Window Awning Parts • Exterior Vinyl Shutters • Phifer Solar Sun Screens • Custom Aluminum Fabrication • MH & RV Accessories The SIDING SOURCE “Lets Build a Deck”....Composite Decking/Vinyl Deck Railing DUTCH LAP VINYL SIDING (12 COLORS IN STOCK) MOBILE HOME SKIRTING (6 COLORS IN STOCK) CLASSIC RIB METAL ROOFING THE SIDING SOURCE 705 BUS. 83 • ALAMO, TX • (800)-567-3311 90 YEARS OF TRUSTED SERVICE Planning a Project? We Give Expert Advice on all Products and Projects Check us out at FREE ESTIMATES VALLEYWIDE DELIVERY ONTHEWEB Palm Harbor Homes 3200 Expwy. 83 Donna, TX 78537 CALL TODAY (800) 880-3412 • (956) 461-4800 • Dream Homes • Site Work • Easy Financing Options • Top $$ For Trades • Industry’s Best Service Plan We Provide We Have Your DreamHome! Harlingen Concert Association presents first concert of season The Harlingen Concert Association is preparing for the 2021-2022 season with a list of great performances and concerts. Their first concert of the season will be ReVoiced on November 16. A Cappella sensation, ReVoiced, features five charismatic entertainers that bring their distinct personalities together to create an unforgettable vocal experience. ReVoiced, a New York based vocal group, has been captivating audiences on Broadway to national television appearances. Founded in 2012, ReVoiced began with the simple goal of “Re-Voicing” hits from yesterday and today. Paired with their incomparable vocal sound and unmatched showmanship, that goal quickly pivoted towards using their musical talents to uplift and inspire listeners to strive for excellence within their own life endeavors. Motivated by their love for helping and inspiring others, ReVoiced’s music and mission has opened countless doors throughout the years. Through their music and ability to bring communities together, ReVoiced has been able to raise over $70,000 for students and music education programs across the United States since their inception. ReVoiced also proudly serves as ambassadors for Anthony Kennedy Shriver and Best Buddies International as they promote the expansion of inclusive/job placement programs for individuals with intellectual and/ or developmental disabilities. One of ReVoiced’s most prideful accolades has been being twice selected to represent the United States government overseas as part of the US State Department run program called American Music Abroad. Combing their impressive catalogue of vocal accolades such as being featured on American Idol and NBC’s The Sing-Off, and performing for artists such as Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Andy Williams, Josh Groban, and many more – Mark Hasman, Nate Tao, Rolin Alexis, Justin Crichfield and Chris Rossi bring ReVoiced to life. Together with their distinct, engaging, and charismatic personalities, these five individuals strive to deliver music that truly makes a difference. Revoiced creates an unforgettable vocal experience for everyone, of all ages, to fall in love with. Their ‘re-imagined’ versions of hits from yesterday and today uplift and inspire listeners all over the world. Their signature sound, powerful stage presence and engaging demeanor leaves audiences cheering for more. Their performance will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 16. The Harlingen Concert Association is located at 1327 E. Washington Ave. For more information, to purchase tickets or season passes, and to see the full schedule of events, visit their website at harlingenconcert. com/. Bio information for ReVoiced was gathered from their website at ReVoiced

OCTOBER 27, 2021 6 WINTER TEXAN TIMES PETE’S MOBILE HOME SUPPLY TRANSPORT • Door & Windows • Plumbing & Electric • Vinyl Skirting & Tie Downs • Custom Steps made of Wood and Metal • Sales and Installations • Used Mobile Homes Sales Financing Available 2911 N Cesar Chavez Rd. San Juan, TX 78589 Ph: (956) 787-2847 or (956) 787-0413 We Buy Mobile Homes Quinta Mazatlan: The Life of Bones in Mexico Kansas tickets on sale Quinta Mazatlán World Birding Center is honored to host Dr. Servando Z. Hinojosa, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, on Thursday October 28th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. for a Dia de Los Muertos inspired presentation on “The Life of Bones in Mexico” on the Thursday Night Live series at Quinta Mazatlán. Servando Z. Hinojosa’s research centers on the cultures and experiences of Mesoamerican peoples. Mesoamerica is a region located in modern day Mexico and northern Central America that was home to numerous groups speaking dozens of languages prior to the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. The civilizations that comprised Mesoamerica pioneered the growth of large urban areas featuring monumental architecture and complex political institutions, all set within vast trading networks. They also produced the first written language in the Americas. Hinojosa’s main area of interest in present-day Mesoamerica has been the lived experience of spiritual life and healing among highland Maya people of Guatemala. He has observed firsthand how Kaqchikel Maya midwives, soul-healers, and ritual dancers formulate their outlooks and activities and how Kaqchikel and Tz’utujiil Maya bonesetters perform their work. In this presentation Hinojosa will address how human bones have long encased ideas of ancestry, immortality, imperial power, and resilience in Mesoamerica. These body parts have been depicted in many ways and have often anchored narratives about life and death in the region. Bones provide the scaffolding that builds us, but they are also implicated in how Mesoamericans preserve, create, and illustrate a larger world of ideas connecting people with each other and with their ancestors. Come celebrate these emblems of life as we honor Day of the Dead and explore the deeper meaning of human bones. Tickets are $3 per person. Pre-purchased tickets are recommended and can be purchased through www. quintamazatlan. Follow current COVID-19 Safety Guidelines while in park. For more information, contact Quinta Mazatlán at (956) 681-3370 and follow Quinta Mazatlán on social media. Dr. Servando Z. Hinojosa America’s preeminent progressive rock band, Kansas, will be wrapping-up their popular Point of Know ReturnAnniversary Tour in the United States with one final leg during the winter and spring of 2022. Legendary rock band, Kansas, will stop in McAllen February 19, 2022 at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. The tour showcases classic Kansas music including hit songs, deep cuts, fan favorites, and will include selections from the band’s latest studio album The Absence of Presence. Tickets for most newly announced Point of Know Return tour dates are currently on sale. For more ticket information visit or our McAllen Performing Arts Center Box Office. With a legendary career spanning nearly five decades, Kansas has firmly established itself as one of America’s iconic classic rock bands. This "garage band" from Topeka released their debut album in 1974 after being discovered by Wally Gold, who worked for Don Kirshner, and have gone on to sell more than 30 million albums worldwide. Composing a catalogue that includes sixteen studio albums and five live albums, Kansas has produced eight gold albums, three sextuple-Platinum albums (Leftoverture, Point of Know Return, Best of Kansas), one platinum live album (Two for the Show), one quadruple-Platinum single ‘Carry On Wayward Son,’ and another triple-Platinum single ‘Dust in the Wind.’ The band is currently comprised of original drummer Phil Ehart, bassist/vocalist Billy Greer, vocalist/keyboardist Ronnie Platt, violinist/guitarist David Ragsdale, keyboardist/vocalist Tom Brislin, and original guitarist Richard Williams. With no signs of slowing down, Kansas continues to perform in front of large and enthusiastic audiences around the world.

7 WINTER TEXAN TIMES OCTOBER 27, 2021 Call today to schedule a free consultation and let us show you how professionally designed marketing materials with clear and consistent messaging can elevate your brand. (956) 580-7800 1217 N Conway Ave, Mission, TX A Division of Nexus Publishing LLC You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression Make It Count With Promos & Prints On Your Side Texas State Parks Offer Up a Frightfully Good Time for Halloween Ghouls and goblins of all ages are invited to a variety of family-friendly Halloween-themed events at state parks across Texas that are guaranteed to provide a witchy good time. Activities range from educational conversations on creepy crawlies and nocturnal animals to pumpkin scavenger hunts along park trails. Anyone interested in finding an event in their area can visit the TPWD state park calendar at https:// for a list of spooky events and updates. For those still traveling through the state of Texas on their way to the Rio Grande Valley, here is a list of some events at state parks you might want to take part in. Some of the ghostly events include: Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Athens Oct. 28, 6 p.m. Halloween at the Hatchery Grab your costumes and trick-ortreating bags for games, photo opportunities and ghostly activities. Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso Oct. 30, 10 a.m. Halloweenfest Visit the park to learn about the creepy crawlies that call the park home--centipedes, millipedes, snakes, bats, tarantulas and more. There will also be a pumpkin carving contest and serving up spooky s’mores. Choke Canyon State Park - Calliham Unit Oct. 30, 7 p.m. Halloween Critter Crawl Bring a flashlight and your costume. Visitors and staff will wander around the Seventy-Five Acre Lake and Hawk Ally Trail to find all the nocturnal critters on All Hallows’ Eve. San Angelo State Park, San Angelo Oct. 30, 2 p.m. Jack-O-Lantern Scavenger Hunt Can you spot the Jack-O-Lanterns out on the trail with the park ranger? Enjoy a guided scavenger hunt and learn about many of the plants and animals of the park. Oct. 31, 10 a.m. Compass Trick or Treat Trick or treating will be a challenge for the kids when they must use a compass to find the hidden candy in the park. Before heading out to a state park, all guests, including annual pass holders, are encouraged to pre-purchase or register for day passes and overnight reservations in advance through the Texas State Parks Reservation System. Park capacity is limited and permits sell out fast. Reservations can be made online at or by calling (512) 389-8900.

OCTOBER 27, 2021 8 WINTER TEXAN TIMES (956)566-1157 RAMBLINGS From pg. 1 VSO announces 2021-2022 schedule The Valley Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the 2021-22 concert season. After more than a year without full orchestra performances, the VSO will return to the McAllen Performing Arts Center for its 70th anniversary with a five-concert subscription series and other special events, all under the direction of Maestro Peter Dabrowksi. It has been nearly two years since the entire orchestra has performed together – making this anniversary even more special. This has been the longest the ensemble has ever gone without performing since its founding in 1952. “We know now that we cannot take any of this for granted,” said Maestro Peter Dabrowski. “And knowing this adds another layer of excitement and reverence to the music.” The masterworks concert season begins on November 12 with the presentation of Antonin Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9, also known as the “New World Symphony.” Dvořák wrote the work to herald the coming of a new era – a most appropriate selection for the beginning of this season. The piece is also known as the New World Symphony, and Dvořák wrote it to herald the coming of a new era, a most appropriate selection for the beginning of this season. “Between this being our 70th year as an ensemble and it also being our return to live performances, the energy is high,” said Katy Coy, executive director. “We are so grateful that the community sustained us so well through last year and also that they are ready to come back out and safely enjoy one of the most beautiful evenings the RGV has to offer.” The November 12 performance is the first of a five-concert masterworks series, which also includes other Valley favorites. On December 10, the VSO will present the annual holiday tradition “A Touch of Frost,” with the return of the Symphony Chorale under the direction of Dr. Sean Taylor. The annual VSO holiday tradition will feature seasonal music from The Nutcracker, Handel’s Messiah, and more. On February 25, “Dances of the Americas” will showcase dance music from across North and South America, featuring selections by Leonard Bernstein, Astor Piazzolla, and Richard Rodgers. The March 25 concert will be a 70th anniversary celebration, as the VSO welcomes returning soloist Daniel Saenz, a lauded cellist who began his music career with the Symphony and now teaches and performs across the country. Finally, the VSO will present the music of Star Wars in an April 29 season finale concert event. Music will also include the Hungarian March from “The Damnation of Faust” and Rahpsody on a Theme of Paganini. Returning subscribers may renew their season tickets through August 25, 2021. New subscriptions are on sale and can be purchased online at or by calling the VSO’s office at (956) 6611615. Single tickets for all concerts will go on sale in early September. Patrons can receive the latest information and sign up for the VSO’s email list at, or by calling the VSO office Monday – Friday, 12 noon – 5 pm. For more information, visit their website at Their website also includes links to last year’s virtual performances. Valley Symphony Orchestra some fun and get back to the normalcy of it all. I am excited as well. Although I really enjoyed getting into the Valley’s bigger cities last year. Walking their streets. Learning their history. Seeing for myself what makes the Valley special. I also enjoy attending park events, going to the museums, and taking in a concert or two each year. We are really looking forward to being able to see faces again and get out and mingle a little bit more this year. On another note, I can’t believe November is just around the corner. What’s coming up in your neck of the woods? Big things – Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. This is the time of giving as well. We want to know how you are celebrating the holidays. What are you doing for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving? Are there any Veterans in your park that should be recognized? Who are you helping this year? We know so many parks and organizations in the Valley help out their communities they live in. You are a very generous bunch, and we enjoy having you here even more because of that. Let us know what you are doing in your community this year. If you have any story ideas, please send them my way to We look forward to hearing from you.

9 WINTER TEXAN TIMES OCTOBER 27, 2021 TACLA006249C •Extended Service Plans Available •Worry-free Installation •No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee •Free NO Obligation Quote •We Service All Models 956-255-8900 Proudly Serving the RGV for over 35 years! Breathe Easy with Colair 27146 McLelland Road., Harlingen, TX 78552 (956) 423-1446 Lower Valley / 956-664-1446 Upper Valley 1-800-999-1446 / Eagle Pass Gambling (2 Days) Nov. 2, 16; Dec. 7.............................................$165 San Antonio Christmas (3 Days) Dec. 12, 3 meals..........................................$399 Big Bend Adventure (6 Days) Feb. 10, 7 meals.............................................$985 (Prices are per person, double occupancy) Copper Canyon ................................................................................................... $TBA Monarch Butterflies (6 Days) Feb. 4, 9 meals .................................................. $TBA Monterrey Tres ..................................................................................................... $TBA San Miguel de Allende (5 Days) ...................................................................... $TBA (Prices are per person, double occupancy) King Ranch Hand Breakfast (1 Day) Nov. 20, Incl. Breakfast........................$75pp King Ranch (1 Day) Dec. 27; Jan. 20; Feb. 3; Mar. 10, Incl. BBQ Lunch ...........$95pp Surf & Turf - A Link to the Past (1 Day) Feb. 25; Mar. 4, Incl. Lunch .......$79pp Farm Tour (1 Day) Feb. 17; Mar. 10, Incl. Lunch...................................................$75pp King Ranch Farm Tour (1Day) Feb. 24, Incl. Lunch + Feed Lot & 12 mile loop rd...$105pp U.S. TOURS ONE DAY BUS TOURS MEXICO BUS TOURS Go...With Jo! Tours & Travel Welcome Back Winter Texans! The Valley abounds with talent "I've got talent, a lot of talent" or "tengo talento, mucho talento." At least that is what a graduate of the Port Isabel High School Class of 2018 said as he prepared to compete in Estrella TV's show. And yes, the Rio Grande Valley has a lot of talent. Our schools and communities are doing all possible to offer our younger - and older - generations the opportunity to develop that talent. Just look around - almost every community has a performing arts theater. The choirs, bands and orchestras in our local schools are some of the most outstanding in our state. We are all missing out if we do not take time to attend their performances. Look at what your community offers. You will not have to travel far from home to enjoy a live, top-notch performance. On South Padre Island, there is the El Paseo Arts Foundation. Their live performances are generally performed in the local convention center. The Camille Playhouse in Brownsville was one of the first performing arts theaters in the Rio Grande Valley. One of their more recent productions was a good fit for our local culture: Our Lady of the Tortilla. The lady was convinced that she could see the image of the Virgin on the home-made tortilla she produced. Her son saw this as a money-making possibility and soon people were flocking to see this "miracle.” Harlingen has the Performing Arts Theater on Fair Park Boulevard. Many of their performances have actors who are still in their teens. Currently, their per formance is Matilda, Jr. Star performer is a 13-yearold eighth grader who is playing the part of Mrs. Trunchbull, a very plumb, d e m a n d i n g egotistical disciplinarian who makes life miserable for her students. George, the young eighth grader, says the character is totally different from his personality - but that is what acting is all about. Last year I was privileged to see their performance of Mary Poppins. The amazing thing was how these students had the British accent down perfectly. Weslaco Tower Theater is actually in an old water that's recycling for you. Their latest performance was Richie Goes Gray. Moving on you will find McAllen with their own Performing Arts T h e a t e r . Ask one of your Spanish speaking friends to translate one of their latest present a t ions named Por Que Los H o m b r e s Aman a Las Cabronas. That's a little off color, but to take you to a little higher elevation, they also will be presenting the Valley Symphony Orchestra on November 12 and The Nutcracker on December 4. Yes - we've got talent! Get out and enjoy what our locals have to offer. McAllen Performing Arts Center

OCTOBER 27, 2021 10 WINTER TEXAN TIMES 2407 E. Griffin Pkwy. – Mission, TX GENERAL DENTISTRY EXCEPTIONAL CARE SINCE 1982 Now Accepting Allwell from Superior Healthplan For dental care you can trust and have confidence in Come See Us At Sharyland Dental Care New Patient Exams only $159 • Includes all necessary x-rays • Oral Cancer Screening • Intra-oral Photos • Comprehensive Exam • Periodontal Screening No Dental Insurance? NO PROBLEM! 956-581-2773 For more information contact: 956-580-7800 Email: 1217 N. Conway • Mission, TX 78572 Make sure your practice can be found in the • Valleywide Rentals • Repairs • Sales • Service • Maintenance MOBILITY CITY (956) 348-2304 • Open 9AM-5PM 4722 South Jackson Rd • Edinburg, TX, 78539 MEDICALSERVICESDIRECTORY Exhibit opens at McAllen International Airport McAllen International Airport (MFE) announces its partnership with the Consulate of Mexico in McAllen to host, in celebration of Dia de los Muertos, a new Ofrenda Exhibit to honor loved ones who have passed. The exhibit will be on display in the McAllen InterThe Port Isabel Volunteer Fire Department is sponsoring a special event at the Lighthouse Establishment Cinema. They will be showing the movie Casper at the Lighthouse on Saturday, October 30 at 8 p.m. Go celebrate Halloween with a movie and free candy. Admission is free. Attendees are invited to wear their costumes. Call (956) 943-2682 for more information. The Lighthouse is located at 421 E. Queen Isabella Blvd. national Airport Lobby beginning Wednesday, October 27 through November 10, 2021. There will be a special ceremony streamed live on Wednesday, October 27 at 10 a.m. It will be livestreamed at @McAllenAirport. McAllen International Airport connects via nonstop flights to Mexico City - the perfect destination to live the Dia de los Muertos experience. Visitors to Mexico City this season will be treated to enormous Ofrendas in the Zocalo, nighttime boat rides in Xochimilco, Catrina parades in Reforma, art exhibits, and more. Book a nonstop flight at The airport is located at 2500 S. Bicentennial Blvd. McAllen International Airport is the Rio Grande Valley’s favorite airport. For more information, visit and follow them on social media @McAllenAirport. Casper is showing at the Lighthouse

11 WINTER TEXAN TIMES OCTOBER 27, 2021 ENTERTAINMENT • 7PM All EVENTS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Paula McSpadden, Activity Director 956-585-0703 DANCES EVERY FRIDAY 7-10PM SINGLES ARE WELCOME Nov 5 • Dance Social & Games • FREE Nov 12 • Renaissance Rockers • $10 Nov 19 • Curt James (Glow Stick Dance) • $8 Nov 26 • Diego & Edith • $7 Dec 3 • Time Machine • $8 Dec 10 • Howlers (Day of the Dead) • $8 Dec 17 • The Agency • $10 Tickets On Sale: 11/29/21 Dec 24 • Christmas Eve (NO DANCE) Dec 31 • Hot Rodz (New Years Eve) • $25 Tickets On Sale: 12/3/21 Jan 1 • NO DANCE Jan 8 • Rewind (Rip Roarin’s 20’s) • $10 (Saturday Dance) • Tickets On Sale: 12/17/21 PAY AT DOOR UNLESS NOTED Dec 1 • Lindley Creek Christmas • $10 Jan 1 • Baker Family Show • $9 Jan 5 • Redneck Revival Show • $8 Jan 16 • Nu-Blu Show • 3-5pm • $10 Jan 19 • Rusty Rierson Show • $8 Jan 23 • Winter Texan Orchestra • Pass The Hat 1645 S Bentsen Palm Drive Palmview • 956-585-0703 For more information, photos and tour schedules visit Wintertainers TM at tainers Winter TM DANCES • 7 - 10PM 1415 Aladdin Villas W Mission, TX 78572 956-581-1288 OCT 30 The Lockharts Tickets $8 NOV 6 Regan James Hired Hand Tickets $8 NOV 27 Dance With Diego Tickets $8 Division of Wilder’s Corporation 501 W. Owassa Rd • Pharr, Texas 78577 956-787-6538 FOR INFO/TICKETS DANCES • EVERY FRIDAY 7-10 PM $6 (Unless Noted) Oct. 29 • Bottomline Band (Costume Contest) Nov. 5 • South Texas Ramblers Nov. 12 • Texas Storm Nov. 19 • Bottomline Band Nov. 26 • Steven May & Southern Knights ENTERTAINMENT Dec. 5 • McAllen H.S. Musical Group Razz Ma Tazz • 2pm • $5 (All Proceeds Go To The Group) Dec. 7 • B & C Musical Theater presents Winter Wonderette, Dinner/Show • $13 (Tickets In Advance Only) Dec. 14 • Rusty Rierson, Christmas & More • $9 CREDIT CARDS NOW ACCEPTED For more information call: 956-580-7800 email: Make sure your events are like... THIS!! HOW? Advertise in the Valley’s #1 Winter Texan Paper CALENDAR PARKS See PARKS pg. 12 EDITOR’S NOTE: Items for the Parks Calendar must be open to the public activities in the parks only and must be submitted by park owners, managers or activity directors. Listings must come from the park and are to be submitted on the Winter Texan Times Parks Calendar Submission Form. Request this form from the Winter Texan Times office. Multiple activities may be submitted on the park’s letterhead, provided the same information is provided in the format of the Submission Form. We do not accept listings for reviews, workshops, lessons or dance classes. Submission deadline is Wednesday noon, one week prior to the publication date. Send to: Winter Texan Times, 1217 N. Conway Ave., Mission, Texas 78572 or email to or fax to 956-580-7898. Wednesday, October 27 Karaoke - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 1-3pm, In the Chuckwagon Room of the Friendship Hall. Please use parking lot at the south side of the building, enter through the swimming pool doors and take the first door on the right past Coke machine. Mask required when not singing, please. Happy Hour - Southern Comfort Resort, Weslaco, 3-4:30pm, Curt James, pass the hat. Social Hour Dance - Siesta Retirement Village Park, Weslaco, 3-5pm, Soft drinks, popcorn, and nachos available. Pass the hat. Happy Hour - Pleasant Valley Resort, Mission, 4-7pm, Live music by Randy Maine. Free event, open to all. BYOB, food will be available for purchase. Pass the hat, indoor event. Karaoke - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 5pm, Golf Course Grill. Friday, October 29 Dance - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 6-9pm, The Howlers, $8pp. 7300 Monroe St. Dance - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 7-10pm, Bottomline Band, $6pp. Mask recommended but not required. Happy Hour - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 7-9pm, With Ron Moshier. Hynes Event Center, bar available, pass the hat. Saturday, October 30 Park Wide Garage Sale - Citrus Village, La Feria, 8am-2pm, 901 Citrus Dr. Halloween Party - Pleasant Valley Resort, Mission, 5-7pm, Open to all. Food will be available for purchase, costumes optional, BYOB, free ice. $5.00 cover charge. Pleasant Valley Resort Rec Hall. Halloween Dance - Southern Comfort Resort, Weslaco, 7-10pm, Diego, $5pp. Dance - Trophy Gardens, Alamo, 7pm, Smokin’ Gun, $7pp. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Dance - Aladdin Villas, Mission, 7-10pm, The Lockharts, $8pp. Sunday, October 31 Halloween Dance - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 7-10pm, With The Fabulous Cruisers, $10pp. Hynes Event Center. Out of park residents may purchase tickets Monday prior to the dance. Monday, November 1 Country Jam - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 5:30pm, After evening meals, meals served 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Come and have a wonderful meal and great entertainment! Tuesday, November 2 Men’s Prayer and Bible Study - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 8am. Women’s Bible Study and Prayer - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 9:30am. Happy Hour - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 3:30-5pm, Diego & Edith. BYOB and Snacks; Pass the

OCTOBER 27, 2021 12 WINTER TEXAN TIMES When you follow us on Facebook AND Subscribe to our FREE e-Edition newsletter You will be eligible to win great prizes from our advertisers through our drawings held throughout the season 956.580.7800 1217 N CONWAY, MISSION Follow us on wintertexantimes BRING US ALONG, & THERE’S ALWAYS MORE TO SEE, MORE TO DO IN PRINT, ONLINE ON ANY DEVICE YOU WILL WANT TO TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEREVERYOUGO PARKS From pg. 11 bucket for donations. Meal - Aladdin Villas, Mission, 4-5:30pm, Pulled pork, coleslaw, beans, and ice cream. $6pp. Happy Hour - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 5pm, With Wheel Daddies. BS Bar, bar available, pass the hat. Bingo - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 6:30-9pm, Open to the public. Wednesday, November 3 Karaoke - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 1-3pm, In the Chuckwagon Room of the Friendship Hall. Please use parking lot at the south side of the building, enter through the swimming pool doors and take the first door on the right past Coke machine. Mask required when not singing, please. Thursday, November 4 Covid 19 Vacc Clinic - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 10am-Noon, Harlingen Health Department will administer vaccinations. Anticipated Pfizer, Moderna, J&J available. Call Activities Office 956-425-7448 for sign-up. Social Hour - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 4-7:30pm, Food to purchase 4 to 5:30 pm with music from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Prayer and Praise - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 7pm. Bingo - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7-9pm, $0.50 a card; popcorn/soda available. Entertainment - Casa del Sol, Donna, 7pm, Joe Compton Live. Pass the hat, concessions available. 400 N Val Verde Rd. Friday, November 5 Park Wide Patio Sale - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 8am-Noon, Open to the public. Country “OPRY” Jam - McAllen Mobile Park, 1-3pm, Country and gospel like Nashville USED to do with some occasional old-time RockN-Roll. Hosted by Elaine Nelson, National Country Music Hall of Famer. Play a tune, sing a song, tap your feet, sing along...remember when... bring a smile and bring a friend! Y’all come!!! Everyone is welcome! DJ Dance - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 7-10pm, 50’s Dance with Richard Kline. Wear your 50’s outfits! BYOB and snacks. Pass the bucket for donation. Dance - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 7-10pm, Social and games, free admission. Dance - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 7-10pm, South Texas Ramblers, $6pp. Mask recommended but not required. Saturday, November 6 Park Wide Garage Sale - Palm Shadows RV/MH Park, Donna, 8amNoon. Park Wide Patio Sale - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 8am-Noon, Open to the public. Dance - Trophy Gardens, Alamo, 7pm, Steven May, $7pp. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Entertainment - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 7-9pm, Billy James Show, tickets at the door $6pp. Open to the public. Dance - Aladdin Villas, Mission, 7-10pm, Regan James Hired Hand, $8pp. Sunday, November 7 Church - Fiesta Village, Mission, 9am, In the Main Hall. Friendship Hall Church - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 10-11:30am. Worship - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 10:30am, Chaplain Dr Larry Windle Gospel Jam - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 5:30pm, After evening meals, meals served 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Come and have a wonderful meal and great entertainment! Worship - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 7pm, Chaplain Dr Larry Windle Monday, November 8 Country Jam - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 5:30pm, After evening meals, meals served 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Come and have a wonderful meal and great entertainment! Tuesday, November 9 Men’s Prayer and Bible Study - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 8am. Women’s Bible Study and Prayer - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 9:30am. Happy Hour - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 3-5pm, Curt James. BYOB and Snacks; Pass the bucket for donations. Twisted Tuesdays with Garza Produce - Pleasant Valley Resort, Mission, 5:30-7:30pm, Live music or DJ every week, Garza Produce Truck, free event. Food available for purchase, pass the hat. Bring a chair, BYOB. 7320 W. Interstate 2. Bingo - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 6:30-9pm, Open to the public. Wednesday, November 10 Karaoke - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 1-3pm, In the Chuckwagon Room of the Friendship Hall. Please use parking lot at the south side of the building, enter through the swimming

13 WINTER TEXAN TIMES OCTOBER 27, 2021 NOWAVAILABLE ONLINE 2021 Park Directory Winter Texan TIMES Serving Winter Texans FromMission To South Padre Island Since 1987 Published By: Park Directory RIO GRANDE VALLEY MOBILE HOME & RV 2021-2022 EDITION Winter Texan TIMES Serving Winter Texans FromMission To South Padre Island Since 1987 Published By: 2021-2022 Edition 2021 Rio Grande Valley Visitors Guide Wreaths Across America to add Ceremonial Wreath Recently, national nonprofit Wreaths Across America (WAA) announced the addition of the United States Space Force to the set of ceremonial wreaths that are provided to all participating locations nationwide to be used on National Wreaths Across America Day – this year scheduled for Saturday, December 18, 2021. This is the eighth ceremonial wreath with corresponding service flag to be provided by the organization to all registered, participating locations. The ceremonial wreaths represent each branch of the service, and POW/MIA, and are encouraged to be on display as part of each National Wreaths Across America Day ceremony held. The U.S. Space Force, which was established December 20, 2019, with the enactment of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, is the first new military service since the Army Air Forces were reorganized as the U.S. Air Force in 1947. The U.S. Space Force organizes, trains, and equips space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force. “The U.S. Space Force traces its roots to the beginning of the Cold War, with the first Army Air Forces space programs starting in 1945, and the first major employment of space forces culminated in the Gulf War, where they proved so critical to the U.S.-led coalition,” said Joe Reagan, U.S. Army Veteran and Director of Military & Veteran Outreach, Wreaths Across America. “As an organization whose mission is to Remember the fallen, Honor those that serve and Teach the next generation the value of freedom, it is imperative that we recognize all those who have stepped up to serve as Guardians and continue to protect those Freedoms all Americans enjoy.” Since its founding as a 501c3 in 2007, WAA has provided seven live, handmade balsam veterans’ wreaths – each with a corresponding service branch flag, including a POW/MIA flag – to each registered participating location to use in that year’s National Wreaths Across America Day ceremony. Moving forward, eight wreaths will be provided along with the U.S. Space Force delta service flag. Each participating location is coordinated by local volunteers who are encouraged to host a ceremony using these wreaths as part of their National Wreaths Across America pool doors and take the first door on the right past Coke machine. Mask required when not singing, please. Happy Hour - Southern Comfort Resort, Weslaco, 3-4:30pm, Diego, pass the hat. Thursday, November 11 Social Hour - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 4-7:30pm, Food to purchase 4 to 5:30 pm with music from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Prayer and Praise - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 7pm. Bingo - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7-9pm, $0.50 a card; popcorn/soda available. Friday, November 12 Craft Fair - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 8am-Noon, No charge for tables November only. Open to public; you must sign up with Activity Director. Indoor and outdoor spaces available. Country “OPRY” Jam - McAllen Mobile Park, 1-3pm, Country and gospel like Nashville USED to do with some occasional old-time Rock-N-Roll. Hosted by Elaine Nelson, National Country Music Hall of Famer. Play a tune, sing a song, tap your feet, sing along...remember when...bring a smile and bring a friend! Y’all come!!! Everyone is welcome! Fish Fry - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 5:30-6:30pm. DJ Dance - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 7-10pm, Western Theme. BYOB and snacks. Pass the bucket for donation Dance - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 7-10pm, Renaissance Rockers, $10pp. Dance - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 7-10pm, Texas Storm, $6pp. Mask recommended but not required. See WREATHS pg. 17