Winter Texan Times

OCTOBER 19, 2022 20 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Call today to schedule a free consultation and let us show you how professionally designed marketing materials with clear and consistent messaging can elevate your brand. You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression Make It Count With Promos & Prints On Your Side (956) 580-7800 1217 N Conway Ave, Mission, TX A Division of Nexus Publishing LLC There are still others that use their talents to make Christmas stockings for kids, blankets for children, and even quilt for Veterans. During the pandemic, many Winter Texans took up the task of making masks for their community and local hospitals and clinics. I am in awe of all the work and time you put into our communities while visiting. Most of you have been able to get close and personal with your communities and in tune with their needs. It’s amazing all the work you do while in the Valley. I have also seen how some of you prepare back home, bringing donations back with you each year. We always look forward to sharing what you do for our communities. We look forward to seeing your events where you present donated goods, pass out quilts that have taken so many hours to make, or where you hand out stocking to the local children. It’s always exciting to see the smiling faces of those that are so appreciative of your love and kindness. We wouldn’t be what we are today without you. You are what makes this paper. We need more of that in our community. We love sharing all of the good news you supply. Please help us do that by sending your items to news@ We would love to share what is going on in your park or community. If your park, or a person in your park, has a special birthday, or anniversary, we would love to know. While we are remembering how long we have been a part of your community; we also want to be able to share how long you have been a part of our community. Throughout this season we will be celebrating with these throwbacks , h i g h - l i g h t - ing what we did during our first year, and where we are today. We hope you enjoy going down memory lane with us. Footnote: The article referenced was originally written by John M. Young 35 YEARS From pg. 2 November 13, 1987 Bentsen Palm RV Park residents use talents to build dog houses for Cinderella Rescue. Photo by Dan Brunson