DECEMBER 7, 2022 www.wintertexantimes.com 2 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Winter Texan Times: Looking back 35 years Entertainment fills Valley parks The Winter Texan Times has highlighted entertainers, or as we now lovingly call them Wintertainers™, throughout its 35 years. This is something that has been constant among Winter Texan parks. As a line from a movie states, “You build it, they will come.” If you live in a Winter Texan Park, you are bound to see at least a handful of Wintertainers™ throughout the season. They are here to provide music and entertainment for dances, happy hours, special events, and entertainment nights at the parks. These Wintertainers™ come from a myriad of places, including many local, but a lot of them are well known entertainers in places like Branson and Silver Dollar City. Somehow along the way they found the Rio Grande Valley and you. A majority of them don’t get here until after the holidays, after their busy schedules at other concert halls, or stop by while traveling to other destinations through the U.S. They come here to do one thing – to entertain, and they do it well. Some popular Wintertainers™ from the past include Royce Deaver and The Drifters, Texas Pioneers, See LOOKING BACK pg. 24 the Frankie James Band, Terry Martin the Ozark Gambler, and Chet Short and his Texas Swing Band. Other names have been the Winter Texan Dance Band, Music Masters, the Country Notables, and the Leonard Reyman Band. The list goes on and on with names and faces we don’t see any more for one reason or another. More familiar names from the not so recent past are Redhead Express, Gordy and Debbie, Auntie Kreamsaugen, Vance Greek, Star Fire Family Show, John Rex Reeves, Bernie and Red, James Marvell, David Church, Cowboy Poet Richard Bellert, and Bill Brooks. Today’s list includes the talent of Jason Whorlow, Nu-Blu, Steven May, Carlos Canas, The Chamberlins and Southern Express, Dave and Daphne, Dale and Gayle, Rusty Rierson, Curt James, Rick McEwen, Bill Chrastil, Ralph Kuster, Leslie Blasing, Bottomline Band, Lindley Creek, Helen Russell and Co., Mountain Highway, and soooo many more. These and more can be found on our website under Wintertainers™. These entertainers are full of talent. They come to the Valley every year to entertain you and have a good time with you as well. We know this group of people has a blast while here. They enjoy the atmosphere at their events and getting to know their audience personally. This is one reason why we have the Valley Star Awards. This award show gives you the opportunity to select your favorites from severDave and Daphne Helen Russell & Co.