Winter Texan Times

5 WINTER TEXAN TIMES DECEMBER 21, 2022 draw, at least for the guys, is remote car racing on the Alamo Rec-Veh Park track. Sharon also noted how friendly are the people of the Valley. The Edmonds and Sherrills, both now from Topeka, mentioned they had reconnected for a second time at a Christian Motorcycle Club gathering a few years back. That was some 40 plus years after first knowing each other in Wichita. During the long separation the Sherrills lived in Colorado for 30 years. The couples, who were attending their first Alamo Christmas event, really enjoyed it, with Sharon calling it “one of the best parades.” Those in Kansas are not all that large and don’t have all the lights like what they saw on Friday evening. “It was the neatest parade,” Bill added. Sharon, who said she enjoyed the kids taking part, thought it was perfect that after all the fun and celeAlamo lights up downtown for Christmas By Herb Moering Hundreds of residents along with Winter Texans turned out on a perfect night, Friday, December 9, for Alamo’s annual Christmas parade and tree lighting plus stage entertainment. Bill and Jean Snyder, from Carroll, Iowa said “this parade rocked.” “It was very good,” Jean said. “I loved the (PSJA High School Memorial) band and cheerleaders.” The couple, who were attending their third or fourth parade and ceremony, have been coming down to the Valley for 12 years and currently stay at Winter Ranch RV Resort in Alamo. Their main pleasure is the sunshine, quite a difference from an Iowa winter Bill indicated. The weather is also the big draw for Kansas friends Bill and Betty Edmonds and Rod and Sharon Sherrill. They have spent six seasons in the “Valley, with each year a longer stay that began with a month and now is up to five months.” The other See PARADE pg. 21 e d e o d t e o s t h m e t y e n A volcano was part of the Van Guard Mozart school float with a luau ukulele Santa that took first place among the entries in the Alamo parade. Photo by Herb Moering Bill and Jean Snyder, from Winter Ranch RV Park, were enjoying their third or fourth Alamo Christmas event. Photo by Herb Moering