RGV Visitors Guide

Page 4 Rio Grande Valley Visitors Guide 2023-2024 Fort Treviño-San Ygnacio For a look into Spanish Colonialism on the north side of the Rio Grande, drive out to San Ignacio and look at Fort Treviño, located at the corner of Uribe St. and Treviño St., from the outside. Built in 1830 this former residence of Jesus Treviño is typical of the homes built during the 1750s to early 1800s. The fort has been called one of the outstanding examples of Spanish heritage and architecture in the Rio Grande Valley. San Ygnacio is the only place left that has this type of Spanish colonial dwellings. Others that existed in the area were destroyed when Falcon Dam and Lake were built. Over 100 buildings in San Ygnacio are listed on the National Register as part of a National Historic District featuring Spanish Colonial Homes. The home is built with sandstone walls, and features troneras, small openings in the walls, where settlers fighting Indians could stick their guns through the walls and shoot without fear of being hit by a roving Indian. There is a stone sundial at the entrance to the fort. The courtyard has a well and room for a horse and carriage, a few goats, and chickens. Settlers under siege could set up in the fort for long periods of time without fear the Indians could storm the place. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K