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MARCH 1, 2023 20 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Call Today For Your Free Estimate Call Mark Anytime At 956-357-1048 WE WANT TO BUY YOUR TRUCK•CAR•SUV•VAN RVTRAVELTRAILER•5THWHEEL•MOTORHOME•BUS CARGO OR FLATBEDTRAILER•ATV•MOTORCYCLE•BOAT MINI-MOTOR HOME•CAMPERVAN•TOYHAULER •GOLF CART WE WANT TO BUY YOUR RV “You would be surprised at the strange situations that unfold here at the front desk,” said Donna. The temporary manager of an RV Resort in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. “It was one cold wet evening in December. When we had a man come into the office and tried to convince me that he had made an RV site reservation.” The wind was howling that December evening, and the moon was hidden by dark clouds that raced across the sky. The customer walked into the RV Resort Office. He removed his wet raincoat and threw it over a chair. The rainwater drained off his coat, onto the chair. “I have a reservation the n-n-am-e is G-r-e-e-n-e,” his frozen mouth manages to get out. “Reservation in What Name Sir?” I asked after checking my records on the computer. “Mr. G-r-e-e-n-e” the customer stammered. “I am sorry, Mr. Greene, we do not have a reservation under that name, and unfortunately all our serviceable sites are fully booked. We are working on the other sites that are flooded. If you care to park in our overflow with no services, that is the only option I can offer you.” “Well,” muttered Mr. Greene, “it was my partner who made the reservation and that would be in the name of Smith.” After having checked my records and finding no reference for Ms. Smith. I said, “I am sorry, Mr. Greene, we don’t have a reservation for Ms. Smith either. “ The customer is always right; Well almost always On The Lighter Side by Malcolm Callister “No, not Ms. Smith but Mr. Smith,” replied Mr. Greene I had difficulty maintaining my professional self-control, as my mind conjured the options, but at last I said to our customer, “That would be very understanding of Mr. Smith, but no we do not have a reservation for Mr. Smith either.” The Customer Cannot BluffAnymore “What kind of hotel are you running here?” demanded Mr. Greene. Then I understood, and I felt compassion for this lost and lonely man. “I am sorry Mr. Greene but we are not a hotel, we are an RV Resort. What type of Recreational Vehicle do you own?” I asked. His arms waved in indignation as he yelled at me, “I certainly do not own one of those gas guzzler Recreational Vehicle Things, they are the reason why the world temperatures are rising.” I lost my compassion for him, I know the rule that the customer is right, but it is not always correct. With a smile plastered across my face, I said. “Mr. Greene if you had a Recreational Vehicle, I could have offered you a space in our overflow parking area. But if you don’t, we understand completely. May I suggest that there is a nice hotel only two miles down the road to the west of here.” Mr. Greene grabbed his wet coat and leaving a trail of wet footsteps stormed out of the office. I breathed an amused sigh of relief. Meet Malcolm Callister, Winter Texan Times, new humorist. We know laughter and humor can be found around every corner – and he wants to share your stories. If you have any funny events or anecdotes to share email him at malcolmwtt0@gmail. com. Friends at Bentsen Grove RV Resort try to recreate the image of Mr. Greene. Photo by Malcolm Callister. son, even if it means saying goodbye to a lot of you. It’s always with hope that we will see you again next year. Speaking of events – This Friday is the Winter Texan Fiesta in Mission. We hope to see many of your faces there. It looks like it is going to be a great show. With four entertainers, and only one that I have seen and know I love, I am sure it’s going to be fun. March is here – so that also means the Livestock Show is coming up. While there are currently some rodeo and entertainment events taking place, soon they’ll have Winter Texan Discount Day as well for you to enjoy. We have been blessed by having you visit the Valley. I hope you all feel welcome and know that we are here to give you the news you want. We love seeing submissions coming in from parks and being able to share those with our readers too. If you have feedback, or something you want to share, please send it to us at news@wintertexantimes. com. RAMBLINGS From pg. 1