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11 WINTER TEXAN TIMES MARCH 15, 2023 NOWAVAILABLE ONLINE Winter Texan TIMES Serving Winter Texans FromMission To South Padre Island Since 1987 Published By: Park a Directory RIO GRANDE VALLEY L MOBILE HOME & RV I O 2022-2023 EDITION Winter Texan TIMES Serving Winter Texans FromMission To South Padre Island Since 1987 Published By: 2022-2023 Edition 2022 Rio Grande Valley Visitors Guide 2022 Park Directory Uncovering a Hidden Gem Our readers already know what over 100,000 Winter visitors already know – that the Valley is a great place to be. We invite you to find out for yourself and come visit the great Rio Grande Valley. I had a Winter Texan tell me recently that he attributes his activity level and longevity to the fact that he spends the winter months in the Valley. He believes the extra Vitamin D, and activities he attends, in the Valley helps boost his health compared to those that stay in the north during the winter months – spending time in snow and ice, and inside their homes for much of the winter. The sun isn’t the only thing that keeps our Winter Texans coming back, or encourages newcomers to visit the area. In this Take Home Edition, like we do every year, we highlight the specialness of the Valley. Why do so many people call the Valley a hidden gem? Winter Texans talk about the weather, the activities they can do, and the places they can go. We often hear that they can’t get enough golf in or enough of the culture. The culture, they say, is one of the big things that keeps them coming back. The Valley’s friendliness and charm keep Winter Texans coming back year after year. Not to mention the affordability and the appreciativeWhy do they choose the Rio Grande Valley? Just like some people say art speaks to them, the same can be said for how the Valley is to our winter visitors. Once you get here, you always make plans to come again – and usually for a longer period of time. Some Winter Texans are here for three months, some for six months, or even longer. And there are a lot of them that choose to make the Valley their permanent home once they decide its time to settle down in one spot. There are many reasons Winter Texans love to call the Rio Grande Valley their winter home. But the reasons that top the list are the climate, the friendly people, the activities, entertainment, and the low cost of living. It’s the Warm Weather Being cooped up indoors for four to six months of the year because icicles are hanging from the rooftop, which is covered with a foot of snow, is not the way many people want to live. When the main activity for the day is shoveling snow, it can be downright depressing. Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley, where the average high between December and February runs from 70 to 74 degrees and the average lows during those months are between 49 and 54 degrees, much higher than the highs for the season in most of the Winter Texans’ northern homes. Winter Texans enjoy coming to the Valley to get away from the cold weather. Many seem to take pleasure in calling family and friends back home when they know the weather is bad to tell them it’s a sunny 70 degrees today in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Because of the climate, Winter Texans that enjoy golf don’t have to miss a day golfing with their friends. The climate is important for other reasons as well. A Winter Texan a few years ago said he had a heart and vascular disease and in the Valley, the weather is good enough that he can walk almost every day. The land is also flat enough, he mentioned, that he does not have to climb while he Palm trees and warm weather in the Rio Grande Valley. Courtesy Photo See WHY pg. 16 See GEM pg. 17