Winter Texan Times

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 18 WINTER TEXAN TIMES 27146 McLelland Road., Harlingen, TX 78552 (956) 423-1446 Lower Valley / 956-664-1446 Upper Valley Visit us at for complete itineraries Transportation for Leslie’s Cruise (2 Days) Feb. 26, 2023 �������� $299pp (Includes: Round trip, Hotel, Hors d’oerves, 3 well drinks, breakfast) Eagle Pass Gambling (2 Days) Mar. 7, 21, 2023 �����������������������������������������$235pp (Prices are per person, double occupancy) SanAntonio Rodeo (2 Days) Feb. 15, 2023 ���������������������������������������������������$325pp (Prices are per person, double occupancy) San Miguel De Allende (6 Days) Feb. 9; July 1; Nov. 21, 2023 ��$775pp Monarch Butterflies (7 Days) Feb. 4, 2023 ��������������������������������������������$995pp (Prices are per person, double occupancy) U.S. TOURS ONE DAY BUS TOURS MEXICO BUS TOURS Go...With Jo! Tours & Travel We Take Care of You! King Ranch (1 Day) Feb. 2; Mar. 2, 16; Apr. 13, 2023 �������������������������$110pp King Ranch Farm (1 Day) Feb. 16, 2023 ��������������������������������������������������$115pp Farm Tour (1 Day) Feb. 23; Mar. 9, 2023 ������������������������������������������������������ $75pp Do angels live at Bit-O-Heaven RV and Mobile Home Resort at 1051 W Bus Hwy 83 in Donna? You will need to visit and discover for yourself. Friendship has always been the driving force for visitors and residents at this 55 and over park which features numerous unique activities including BREAKING NEWS: Angels spotted at Bit-O-Heaven Resort Jammin’ in the RGV with Tony Ozark music jams and church services/Bible study. The country music jams each Wednesday through March from 1-3 are preceded by lunch. The jam hosts are Steve (bass guitar) and Peggy Brown (piano) who also form one-half of the stage band. The jam announcers are Judy Hagen and Betty Thomas. The fantastic stage band who supports each jammer, is composed of Peggy Brown on piano/vocals, Lewie Jett on lead guitar/vocals, Elvin Jennings on guitar/vocals and Steve Brown on bass guitar. Elvin is a selftaught musician who started at an early age but did not start performing for the public until retirement. During my December 28th and January 4th visits, the following jammers performed, some with guitars and all vocalists: Sharon and Randy Carpenter from Iowa; John Condom with his wife from the Buck Hollow Band; Allen Cully from Missouri; Jerry Davis; John David from Oklahoma; Richard Daniel and Betty Thomas duet from Arkansas; Joan Greenwaldt; Sandy Grady; Nick Hadym from Nova Scotia; Eddie Hurley; Jane Heenen; Carolyn Howell; Steve Jennings; Joe Kidd; Larry Lange; Judy O’Hair; Joy Padgett; Gary Rene; Ken Rhoades; and Glenn Scheibler from Ontario. Two musicians I would like to feature are Lewis Jett and Larry Lange. Lewis (Lewie) Jett was a former NASCAR racer/driver and is now a converted Texan from New Hampshire. Lewie is a self-taught lead guitarist/vocalist who started music at age seven and performing at age 20. His motivation is simply his love for the “sound of country music.” Lewie loves to perform at jams and is on stage for the following park jams: Alamo Palms, Bit-O-Heaven, Leisure World, Heritage Square (summer, fall) and Siesta Village. He has performed with the following bands: Brass Lights, Valley Tumble Weeds, and Lewie & Friends. He and his wife are volunteers at the Rio Grande Valley Music Festival to raise monies for local students who study music. The second musician is Larry Lange who is a Winter Texan and plays lead guitar and is a vocalist. He is not currently part of a stage band but performs at many jams throughout the RGV as a jammer. Besides music, Larry served for 22 years in the US Air Force and 22 years with Lockheed Martin. Larry was motivated by his parents at age 10 to pursue music and started as a teenager performing in school bands. He has performed with Gene Watson plus The Texas Playboys. In addition, Larry has performed with the New Mexico Rainmakers band and the Lone Star Troubadours band. Larry recently performed on RFD TV on the Penny Gilles Show. One of the reasons I go to these music jams is to meet and discover the great talent that performs either as a supporting stage band member or as a music jammer. Find out for yourself by meeting the talented musicians at Bit-O-Heaven Resort in Donna. Larry Lange at the microphone. The stage band is Peggy Brown piano/vocals, Lewis Jett lead guitar/vocals, Elvin Jennings guitar/vocals, and Steve Brown bass guitar. Photo by Tony Ozark Lead guitarist/vocalist Lewis (Lewie) Jett at Bit-O-Heaven. Photo by Tony Ozark