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Winter Texan TIMES Serving Winter Texans FromMission To South Padre Island Since 1987 Vol. 36, No. 16 © 2023 Wednesday, February 1, 2023 INDEX Parks Calendar p 8 WintertainersTM p 8 Reunions p 14 Jammin’ in the RGV p 18 Events Calendar p 19 From the Cheap Seats p 20 On the Road with Jo p 22 On The Lighter Side p 24 Taste of the Valley p 25 Business Guide p 27 Classifieds p 29 Coupon Index p 30 Rina’s Ramblings See RAMBLINGS pg. 24 Oh Boy! This weather is crazy! We have had such nice weather and then boom, it gets a little chilly again. But… good things are in store. It should be nice this weekend though. Nice enough to enjoy some time outside at the SPI Kite Fest. We plan to be out at the Island on Thursday, and possibly Friday as well. We have never been to an indoor kite show. So, we are looking forward to that. There are tons of things going on for our Winter Texans right now. There is the Kite Fest, a car show, entertainment at parks, a Gospel Fest, museum exhibits, and so much more. Our Reunions and Meetings section keeps receiving more entries too. Make sure you check all of those items out – the Parks Calendar, Events Calendar, and Reunions and Meetings. Don’t forget the ads in our Wintertainers™ section located under the Parks Calendar. Those are parks and Wintertainers™ that advertise their events, sometimes several Ballots for the Valley Star Awards are rolling in. If you want to make sure your voice is heard, you need to vote for your favorite Wintertainers™. This year’s categories are Male Vocalist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Duet MusiSee VSA pg. 23 One week left to cast your ballot for your favorites Born of new Winter Texan’s frustration, Alamo Rec-Veh Park in Alamo, Texas, will again host a unique Winter Texan Business & Health Expo on Saturday, February 4 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. “Because we’re here for so few winter months, most Winter Texans face the same dilemma Dennis and I did several years ago,” Expo organizer Barb Zanetti said. “Our problem? How do we replace the quality support system we’ve developed over the years in Michigan? … The doctors, contractors, repairmen, restaurants, dentists, surgeons, income tax providers, butchers, and dog groomSee EXPO pg. 16 FINDING SOLUTIONS FOR WINTER TEXANS: An expo born out of frustration Last week to vote See Page 13 Answering questions about Dr. Raul Marquez’s unique method of knee replacement requires an in-depth understanding of how the surgeon can ensure success and a quick recovery. His representatives enjoy the challenge of sharing his methods. Photo by Dennis Zanetti Photo by Henry Miller

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 2 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Valley life wins praise We all know why Winter Texans come to Valley. When you ask, it’s not only because of the weather, but it’s also because of the friendliness of the people in the Valley, how much there is to do, and how little you have to spend to do the things you love. This is a reprint of an article published in the February 12, 1988, edition of the Winter Texan Times. “Valley life wins praise in syndicated column” Weslaco – A question to syndicated columnist Bard Lindeman, who writes Winter Texan Times: Looking back 35 years a column called “Lifeline” for a group of newspapers, stirred a lot of action for the Rio Grande Valley recently. The question was: “My wife and I are looking for a new place to vacation this winter. We get by on retirement incomes.” Lindeman’s answer was: “You sound like you’re ready to join 100,000 other migrant Yankees, most from Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, who head for a 40-mile stretch of the lower Rio Grande Valley…” “Many say they truly feel welcome there and can live much more cheaply while they are only tolerated and often resented in such retirement centers as those in Arizona and Florida” “For further information contact the Texas Tourism Development Agency, Box 12008, Austin, Texas 78711.” The column ran in the Detroit Free Press on January 22, and the Texas TourismAgency was deluged with requests for more information. Ross Herron of Harlingen, publicity chairman for the Valley Chamber of Commerce, said the Austin agency sent copies of 340 letters received in the first week, and that each of those inquiring about the area have been sent a copy of the “Visitor’s Guide to the Rio Grande Valley.” Lindeman is also editor of “Fifty Plus” magazine, in which an article about the Valley by travel writer Bern Keating is to be published in a future issue, Herron said. The Valley continues to get high praise from the Winter Texans that spend nearly half their year down here at times. Most spend three to four months, but it is a true escape from the much colder climates up north. Not only do you come to escape those climates, you make friends you look forward to seeing year after year, you find hobbies, you play games, you stay active during the time you spend in the Valley. Tell us what you enjoy about Valley life. How long have you been a Winter Texan? How long did it take you to become a Converted Texan? Send us your feedback to news@wintertexantimes. com. We love hearing from you! The palm trees in the Valley are always a welcoming site. Seen here are palms that are in abundance at Alamo Palms RV and Mobile Home Park. A Winter Texan rides her trike with her Pomeranian in a park parade. Bit O Heaven residents enjoy a Mardi Gras celebration. Photo by Kathy Olivarez La Floresta Park in Mercedes held a Derby where residents arrived in large hats and Jockeys rode decorated horses.

3 WINTER TEXAN TIMES FEBRUARY 1, 2023 WE TRADES WE PAY CASH FOR RVS DONNA • 956-464-4403 655 Ron Hoover Drive NEW BIGGER STORE LARGEST SELECTION • OVER 12 ACRES OF RVS • OVER 1000 TO CHOOSE FROM Utility And Cargo Trailers No Credit Needed Newly Expanded Body Shop • Mobile Service • 23 Service Bays Rv Parts & Hardware Store The Only McAllen Harlingen Ron Hoover Equipment Ron Hoover RV & Marine Center

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 4 WINTER TEXAN TIMES U T R G V B A L L E T F O L K L Ó R I C O 2 0 2 3 T I CKETs : Contact : | (956) 665-2230 ADULTS SENIOR CITIZENS STUDENTS CHILDREN $15 $10 $10 $5 PUBLIC CONCERT T I CKET PRI CES 90 Taylor Ave, Brownsville, TX 78520 TSC PERFORMING ARTS CENTER + 1201 W. University Dr, Edinburg, TX 78539 UTRGV PERFORMING ARTS CENTER + PERFORMANCES VSA lineup includes Redneck Revival Be ready to have some laughs at this year’s Valley Star Awards set for Wednesday, February 15th. This year’s show will include Redneck Revival – a duo that is bound to bring some bustling laughter to the crowd. Redneck Revival – also known as Bob and Alta Courtney – are often said to bring their own supply of oxygen to their shows, just in case someone might need some breaths of fresh air. Alta is an established gospel performer and after 38 years as a PRCA rodeo clown, a retired Bob was ready for a change of pace. Originally, he was just going to drive Alta around, but being trained as rodeo clown, he still managed to find ways to make people laugh outside of the rodeo arena. “I started as a rodeo clown, traveled all over the world for years and did the comedy for that since I was 20,” Bob said. “When I retired and all I wanted to do was drive the bus; I started telling jokes and it turned into something we didn’t expect.” This gig of theirs has gotten them named as five-time Comedian of the Year among other accolades. They were once nominated for the County Music Awards for Comedian of the Year. They have a knack for turning oldies into goodies again. They have recorded songs like “Wal-Mart Greeter,” “Ghost Chickens (in the Sky),” and “I Am My Own Grandpa.” Their one-liners pop in and out throughout the show. They share stories about themselves and others and have a bag full of impersonations. In any one of their shows, you might have a chance to see Minnie Pearl, Kermit the Frog, an Indian tribal member, or hear Louis Armstrong or Ann Margaret. Be sure to come out and see them at this year’s Valley Star Awards. You can buy tickets online at www., come by the Winter Texan Times office at 1217 N. Conway in Mission, or at the Mission Bell/Trade Winds activities office off Stewart Rd. and Business 83 in Mission. And don’t forget to vote for your favorites online or using a ballot found in the Winter Texan Times. Paradise Park in Harlingen has spirit of giving Submitted by Sharon Bargel For the third year, Paradise Park RV Resort in Harlingen has been overwhelmingly generous in giving to the Harlingen CISD’s Clothing Closet, operated as part of the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) program to assist school district families in need. In winter 2020 the Clothing Closet was selected to be the beneficiary of the park’s spirit of giving holiday project when resident Sharon Bargel heard about the Clothing Closet and their need for warm coats and cold weather clothing on a local news station. That year, despite COVID restraints and fewer Winter Texans, they delivered 578 items of new clothing and new shoes to the Closet. In 2021, Sharon Bargel and Jan Walter co-chaired the project, and 1,259 new items were delivered to the Closet. When the delivery was made in January 2022, they learned that the Closet had no socks or undergarments on hand, so the items were very much needed. They also learned that underwear and socks are always needed, as well as personal hygiene products especially shampoo, deodorant, bath soap, etc. The decision to make this a year-round Paradise Park Community Project was made, and Dee Rigdon came on board as co-chair with Sharon (both are year-round residents). Totes were placed in the Activities Office, and in the driveways of Sharon and Dee to collect items. Cash donations are used to purchase items on the (l-r) Patsy Sanchez, Sylvia Gonzalez, April Vallejo, Sharon Bargel, Dee Rigdon, Mary Ellen Sanok. See GIVING pg. 22 Courtesy Photo

5 WINTER TEXAN TIMES FEBRUARY 1, 2023 The Piano Man joins the VSA stage The Piano Man – Jason Whorlow – joins this year’s Valley Star Awards stage lineup. Jason Whorlow has been entertaining Winter Texans for eight years. He has been nominated and won several awards including Best Solo Variety Act of the 2017 Valley Star Awards. He has become in high demand for his extremely versatile, unique, and interactive show. Whorlow prides himself on his ability to effortlessly enjoy each and every performance on account of the passion and drive he has to live out his dream as an entertainer. Winter Texans have enjoyed his energetic performances of Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel, and Elton John. He enjoys playing to a laid-back island crowd with songs from Kenny Chesney, Floyd Cramer, Zac Brown Band, Otis Redding, Jimmy Buffet and so many more. He also enjoys singing to large crowds with attendees singing along with “Sweet Caroline,” with hands raised in the air and couples dancing to “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Unchained Melody.” Once Whorlow sits down at his white piano, he is ready to bring a show that is always a crowd pleaser. Mixed in with his ballads and upbeat songs, Whorlow throws in some comedy fun with jokes and some audience participation. The crowd always leaves with smiles at Whorlow’s shows. With great music, charm, you are sure to have a great time. While in the Valley, Whorlow performs at over 40 venues. If you haven’t caught him yet, or just enjoy him that much, why not come out to the Valley Star Awards on Wednesday, February 15th and see him along with five other great acts. You can buy tickets online at www., come by the Winter Texan Times office at 1217 N. Conway in Mission, or at the Mission Bell/Trade Winds activities office off of Stewart Rd. and Business 83 in Mission. And don’t forget to vote for your favorites online or using a ballot found in the Winter Texan Times. Courtesy Photo Courtesy Photo

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 6 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Admission: Adults - $10 a day or $15 both days Teens 13-18 - $5 per day Children 12 and under are FREE 41st ANNUAL Kenaston Band host blind singer Justin Trevino By Kathy Olivarez During the last week of January, the Kenastons, long-time favorite entertainers among Winter Texan residents, hosted blind singer Justin Trevino as their special guest. Trevino was born in the Valley but his parents moved to Austin so he could attend the school for the blind as a child. Once a winter he comes down to visit relatives. For the past five years he has played with the Kenastons during those visits. Trevino prefers hard core old-fashioned country, which is what the band mostly played on Sunday, January 29, at W&I Resort. Trevino sang and played fiddle and guitar. In addition, the Kenaston Band, consisting of Sharon (vocalist) and Roger Kenaston (lead guitar), Mike Burton (steel guitar) and Epi Martinez, (drummer) while in the Valley, were also joined by Barry (steel guitar) and Linda (bass and vocalist) Burton of High Country, a group that plays in Missouri. While the group plays bluegrass, country, and a variety of other genres, for Sunday’s performance it was mostly country. The show started with Sharon singing “Crazy Arms Still Reaching for You.” It was followed by different songs such as, “Wine Me Up,” and “Blue Kentucky Girl,” “Sugar Moon,” and “Mansion on a Hill,” each sung by a different band member, or sung in harmony between Sharon and Linda. Justin sang a powerful rendition of Freddie Fender’s, “I’ll Be There” followed by a Cajun song, “Big Mamon.” He followed with a fiddle tune, “Old Joe Clark.” He sang an original song he wrote, “Jukebox in the Corner.” He told how it was the only song he wrote on paper as he usually used a tape recorder for composing. The words came to him at school where he used a braille writer to do his work. With no recorder available, he wrote the words on his braille writer. Since no one else could read braille in the class, they all thought he was busy on his classroom assignment. Throughout the evening different members of the band would solo with their favorite songs. Linda chose “Help Me Make It Through the Night.” Mike sang “Heavenly Bodies Come Out at Night.” Epi sang “Please Release Me,” using both English and Spanish lyrics. Epi’s mother Cruz Martinez, a former singer, was in the audience. She was invited up to join him on a couple of upbeat songs, “Mi Corazon/Open Up Your Heart and Let My Love In,” and “Cryin’ Time Again,” with lyrics in English and Spanish. The two sang in great harmony. The audience loved it. Later in the show, Sharon invited her friend, Tesa Heldunbrand, who was in the audience to come and sing “Blue Roses” with Linda and her. The three had such great harmony and it was easy to visualize them as a top-selling trio in Nashville. The show was entertaining with a great deal of variety from all the performers. It was easily the best Kenaston show the author had ever seen in their 15 years of Valley performances. Justin ended the show with the gospel song, “How Great Thou Art.” The Kenastons perform Wednesdays at the Tipsy Monkey in Weslaco. On February 5, they will host a special show with Tony Booth and the Justin Trevino Band at the Tipsy Monkey. Fun N Sun hosts GospelFest Fun N Sun will host GospelFest on Tuesday, February 7 at 6 p.m. The event will be held in their dance hall (1400 Zillock Rd., San Benito). Ralph Kuster, Lindley Creek, The Faithful Singers, and Ambassadors of Grace will be supplying entertainment for this fundraiser the park has held since 2006. The entertainers, as they do every year, volunteer their time and talent to participate in the event. They entertain singing gospel favorites and sharing messages of hope, testimony, and love. Although the concert is free, donations are requested to support local missions. Each year the park chooses two organizations to donate whatever is raised at the event. This year, they have chosen the San Benito Food Pantry and In His Steps Ministry of San Benito First United Methodist Church. In previous years, they have raised over $4,000 to donate to their See GOSPELFEST pg. 21 Courtesy Photo Courtesy Photo

7 WINTER TEXAN TIMES FEBRUARY 1, 2023 3201 E. EXP. 83 • DONNA, TX 78537 (956) 464-3378 of Donna ClaytonHomes Doug Fowler • Clayton Exclusive Energy Smart Package • Programmable Thermostat • Entertainment Unit • Utility Room • Dining Room • Farmhouse Kitchen Sink w/Spring Loaded Faucet • 42″ Cabinet System • 18Cu Ft. Frost Free Refrigerator • Separate 72″ Deck Tub and 48″ Shower • Double Sinks in Bath Tired of living in that old mobile home? Need more room? Or is that old home falling down around you? What if we took the old home in on trade? We can take your trade and use it towards the down payment of your new home, even if you still owe a balance. LET US SHOW YOU WHAT YOUR TRADE CAN DO FOR YOU AT CLAYTON HOMES OF DONNA! CLAYTON HOMES OF DONNA CAN TAKE YOUR TRADE COME IN TODAY TO TOUR THE FARMHOUSE Lic. # rbi3356 By Kathy Olivarez Want to hear lively music that tells a “She done me wrong,” story or laments the death of a loved one? Then look for Nu-Blu, a popular bluegrass/country band making its third tour of the Rio Grande Valley. Nu-Blu celebrated the start of its 20th year entertaining with its first show of the Winter Texan season on January 7 at Seven Oaks RV Park in Mission. Winter Texans have long supported the old traditional bluegrass music that originated in states like Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and a host of other eastern states though it is based on music immigrants brought from around the world. The Seven Oaks audience was appreciative of the bluegrass music and there were whistles, shouts of appreciation, and fans clapping to the rhythm of the songs they liked best throughout the show. Hosts Daniel and Carolyn Routh of Siler City, North Carolina are the heart of the band. Carolyn plays bass and sings soprano in a high clear voice. Daniel is manager, background vocalist and plays guitar. Justin Harrison is a younger man playing mandolin that has traveled with the band for several years. Not only does he entertain with talented fingers that easily play the lively bluegrass rhythms, but he also adds to the show with tales he has created about animals he has seen on the road while traveling. Austin Hefflefinger who plays a lively banjo completes the quartet. Carolyn started the show with a tragic story of a young boy who loved a little girl, whose family was moving away, with “Tiny Broken Hearts.” Another song had lyrics of a young girl singing a tragic tale of young love, of being done wrong, and telling her father, “Dad, he’s a married man.” Still another, “Someday I’ll Find You in the River,” is the tale of a young man’s early death, and the loyalty his surviving girlfriend maintains for the rest of her life. Many of the songs Nu-Blu played were original instrumentals they created themselves. They’re best known for songs such as “All the Way” that carried to the top of the charts by Rhonda Vincent along with songs like “That’s What Makes Bluegrass Blue.” The night also included their tribute to country legend George Jones, the very popular, “Jesus and Jones,” originally sung by rock and roll Soul Man, Sam Moore. With a combination of Nu-Blu’s original songs tossed together with songs like Willie and Waylon’s “Good-Hearted Woman,” the audience at Seven Oaks had plenty of good lively music to clap and shout about. Those who would like to see more of Nu-Blu can do so by tuning into The Bluegrass and Country Fixx shows that air weekly on 85 stations from New York to Hawaii and many states in between. Daniel and Carolyn are co-hosts for the show. Check They’ll also be back in Texas performing in February, starting on February 7th at Texas Trails RV Resort in Pharr. Don’t forget to also catch them at this year’s Valley Star Awards on February 15. You can find their full schedule at Nu-Blu preserves bluegrass music traditions Photo by Greg Uhrbrock

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 8 WINTER TEXAN TIMES • 214 E. Chimney Rd • Mission, TX Come Try Our TEXAS Size Pork Tenderloin Tues 11am-8pm Wed 11am-8pm Thurs 11am-8pm Fri 11am-8pm Sat 11am-8pm Sun 11am-8pm OPEN • • • • • • Seniors - $12 • Adults - $14 Child - $10 Cash Only, Price Incl. Tax Covered Cushion Seating Enclosed Windows & Heating RIVERSIDE DREAMER River Tours Call (956) 581-4477 Reservations Suggested Additional Tours Added As Needed Private Tours Available Riverside Event Center Sundays 1:30-5:30pm Live Music Feb. 12 & Feb. 26 Steven May & The Southern Knights Feb. 5 & 19 Renaissance Rockers Live Music Saturdays 1:00-5:00pm Feb. 4 & Feb. 18 • Robert Austin & Midnight Cowboy Feb. 11 & 25 • Jolly Huntsmen 1 Hour Tours (Down River To Dam) Wed 1:00pm Thurs 1:00pm Fri 1:00pm Sat 1:00pm • • • • 2 Hour Tours (Up River Only) Tues • 10:30am Wed • 10:30am Seniors - $22 • Adults - $26 Child - $18 (956) 581-1033 Riverside In-MissionTx Inside/OutsideSeating Beautiful Patio!! CanadaDay Tuesday,March7 LiveMusic 1-5•RonMoshier Everyone Welcome Door Prizes - Fun!! COME SEE JASON WHORLOW “THE PIANO MAN” You must not miss this live, versatile, interactive show! 2017 Valley Star Awards Best Solo Variety Act Feb. 1, 7pm • Paradise Park, McAllen Feb. 2, 1pm • Louie’s Backyard, SPI Feb. 14, 6pm • Chimney Park, Mission Feb. 15, 7pm San Juan Gardens, San Juan Feb. 16, 2pm The Inn, SPI Feb. 17, 7pm Bentsen Palm Village, Mission Feb. 18, 7pm Tropic Winds, Harlingen Feb. 19, 6pm Alamo Palms, Alamo Feb. 22, 7pm W&I Resort, Mission Feb. 23, 7pm Tip O’ Texas, Pharr Feb. 24, 7pm Eastgate, Harlingen Feb. 25, 7pm Split Rail Park, Mission Feb. 26, 6:30pm Pharr South, Pharr 515-460-5862 EDITOR’S NOTE: Items for the Parks Calendar must be open to the public activities in the parks only and must be submitted by park owners, managers or activity directors. Listings must come from the park and are to be submitted on the Winter Texan Times Parks Calendar Submission Form. Request this form from the Winter Texan Times office. Multiple activities may be submitted on the park’s letterhead, provided the same information is provided in the format of the Submission Form. We do not accept listings for reviews, workshops, lessons or dance classes. Submission deadline is Friday noon, the week prior to the publication date. Send to: Winter Texan Times, 1217 N. Conway Ave., Mission, Texas 78572 or email to or fax to 956-580-7898. Wednesday, February 1 Breakfast - Eldorado Acres RV Park, Palmview, 6:30-8:30am. Breakfast - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 7:30-9am. Lunch/Dinner - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 11:30am-7pm, Menu available at Cafe Grande, meal price varies. Burger Fry - Chimney Park, Mission, 11:30am, $6pp. Open Jam follows at 1:00 pm, all jammers and audience are welcome! 4224 S. Conway Ave. Jam Session Lunch - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, Noon, Menu and price varies. Quilt Show - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, Noon-3pm, Held in Main Hall, $2pp. Tea room, quilted door prizes, and many vendors, including scissors sharpening, fabrics, and homemade gift cards. Music Jam - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 12:30-2:30pm, Gate is open, lunch is available for purchase 11:30 am - 2:00 pm. Musicians and listeners welcome! Rec Hall, 1900 Grace Ave. Jam Session - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 1-3pm, Come and play, sing or just listen. All welcome. BYOB. Big Band Jam - Valley View Estates, Mission, 1-3pm, Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the music. To play in the band is by invitation only. 2100 Vernon 319-521-6095. Country Music Jam - Heritage Square, Mission, 1-3:30pm, Food is served from 11 to 12:30 before the Jam. Acoustic Jam - Park Place Estates, Harlingen, 1:30-3:30pm, Setups available. Everyone welcome. Happy Hour - Southern Comfort Resort, Weslaco, 3pm, Diego, pass the hat. Happy Hour - Sleepy Valley Ranch Resort, Mission, 4-6pm, Rotating schedule of live entertainment, pass the hat. Handmade pizza available from 5-7. Various food items available from 5-6. BS Bar Open - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 4-9pm, Serving beer, wine, soft drinks. Happy Hour - EnchantedValley Ranch, Mission, 4-6pm, Southern Harmony featuring Chris & Rosie, pass the hat. Swing Dancing Lessons - Park Place Estates, Harlingen, 4-5:30pm, Donations accepted. No partner necessary. Supper - Big Valley Trailer Park, Donna, 4:30-6pm, Serving all you care to eat pancakes, sausage gravy & biscuits, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, applesauce, and coffee. $7pp. Pre-Rounds with the Baldwins - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 6:30-7pm, Ron & Jan Betzelberger, $5pp. Tampico Hall. Hearing enhancement available. Subject to change without notice. Rock & Roll Jam - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 7-9pm, Free. Best Rock & Roll Jam in the RGV. Entertainment - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 7pm, Lindley Creek Family Music Show, $10pp. Soda, water, popcorn, snacks for sale, free ice/cups, ice cream bars for sale. Dance - Tip O’ Texas RV Resort, Pharr, 7-10pm, Steven May & Southern Knights, $7pp. MS & Plus Square Dance With Rounds - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 7-9pm, Ron & Jan Betzelberger, $5pp. Casual attire. Tampico Hall. Hearing enhancement available. Subject to change without notice. Concert - Paradise Park, McAllen, 7-9pm, Jason Whorlow, $8pp. Entertainment - Pine to Palm Resort, Weslaco, 7pm, J Michael Laverty, $8pp. Singer-songwriter with a wonderful voice. Doors open at 6pm. Entertainment - Paradise Resort Estates, Pharr, 7-9pm, Ralph Kuster, $9pp. Doors open at 6:15 pm. Show/Dance - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 7pm, Justin Terry, $9pp. For more information, photos and tour schedules visit Wintertainers TM at tainers Winter TM CALENDAR PARKS

9 WINTER TEXAN TIMES FEBRUARY 1, 2023 Advance Tickets Available at Tipsy Monkey Will Call Tickets 402�936�0638 General Admission Doors Open at 3 Limited Seating � $35.00 at the door (if available) Tracy Pitcox MC and guests Linda Burton and Sharon Kenaston 3700 E Expressway Weslaco TX 78599 (956) 355�2917 AS SEEN ON Entertainment - McAllen Mobile Park, 7pm, Winnie Brave, $8pp. Entertainment - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 7-8:30pm, Pat Davison Comedy Show, $8pp. Gate is open. Entertainment - Countryside RV Park, Donna, 7-8:30pm, Men & Women of A-Chord, $7pp. Concessions available. 100 N. Valley View Rd. Dance - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 7-10pm, The Agency, $12pp. Event center. Thursday, February 2 Breakfast - Eldorado Acres RV Park, Palmview, 6:30-8:30am. Breakfast - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 7:30-9am, Biscuits & gravy. Craft Show - Green Gate Grove, Palmview, 8am-1pm, Free of charge, lunch will be served. 2135 S. Bentsen Palm Dr. Craft Show - Rio Valley Estates MH & RV Resort, Weslaco, 8am-Noon, All handmade items. Lunch served including pie. For more information, contact Julie Lawrence, 712-490-4260. 715 N. Westgate Dr. All You Can Eat Pancakes - The Grove Subdivision, San Juan, 9-11am, Pancakes, eggs, sausage, waffles, and endless cups of coffee. Bring your own table service. Hwy 83 & Stewart Rd., 605 E. 7th St. Pickleball Mixer - Casa del Valle Resort Park, Alamo, 9am-Noon, $2. Bluegrass Jam - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 9-11am. Country Jam - El Valle Del Sol, Mission, 10am-Noon, Free coffee. Lunch - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 11am-12:30pm. Country Jam & Lunch - Pharr South Park, Pharr, 11:30am-3pm, Join us before Jams for lunch served 11:30am-12:30pm. Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages available for purchase. Jams start at 12:30 (free admission). Public Meal Country Jam Lunch - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 11:30am-1pm, Full meal available prior to our Country Jam which follows at 1pm. Lunch/Dinner - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 11:30am-7pm, Menu available at Cafe Grande, meal price varies. Jam Lunch - Siesta Retirement Village Park, Weslaco, 11:30am-1pm. Rock N Roll Jam - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 12:30-2:30pm. Country Jam - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 1-3pm, Free. Open to public and jammers. Lunch available at 11:30. 50/50. Jam Session - Dixieland MH Park, Harlingen, 1-3pm, Free admission. Jam - Siesta Retirement Village Park, Weslaco, 1-3pm. Acoustic Bluegrass Jam - VIP La Feria RV Park West, La Feria, 1:30-3:30pm, Come join us players and listeners. BS Bar Open - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 4-9pm, Serving beer, wine, soft drinks. Dinner - Eldorado Acres RV Park, Palmview, 4-6pm, Pork loin roast, fried potatoes, carrots, gravy, bun, fruit crumble. Call 956-581-6718 between 8:30 and 12:30 Mon-Fri to reserve Thursday Meals. Soup Supper - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 4:30pm, All you can eat, $4pp. Dessert for sale. Bring your own table service and beverage. Happy Hour - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 5-7pm, Diego & Edith, pass the hat. Event center. Loteria (Mexican Bingo) - Sleepy Valley Ranch Resort, Mission, 6-8pm. Acoustic Jam - Palm Gardens, Harlingen, 6-8pm, Fiesta Hall, free admission. 50/50 drawing and refreshments by donation. 3401 W. Bus. 83. Karaoke - Paradise Resort Estates, Pharr, 6:30-9pm, Soda and water available. Complimentary popcorn. Over 40,000 different songs available to sing. Big Band Jam - La Hacienda Estates, Alamo, 6:30-8:30pm, 309-337-8711. Dance - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 7-10pm, Texas Wheels Band, $8pp. 50/50. Dinner available 6pm, BYOB. Advance tickets and table reservations call 956-585-4833 ext. 1062. Bingo - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7-9pm. Entertainment - Casa del Sol, Donna, 7pm, Mountain Highway, $8pp. Dance - Tip O’Texas RV Resort, Pharr, 7-9pm, Ron Moshier, $8pp. Dance - Pine to Palm Resort, Weslaco 7-10pm, Steven May and the Southern Knights, $8pp. BYOB. Pop & water available for sale, free ice. Jam Session - Victoria Palms Resort, Donna, 7-9pm, Free and open to the public for listening. Dance - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 7-9pm, Rick McEwen, $9pp. Dance - Alamo Rec-Veh Park, 7pm, Regan James, $7pp at door. Dance - McAllen Mobile Park, 7:3010:30pm, Blue Wolf, $8pp at the door. Friday, February 3 Breakfast - Eldorado Acres RV Park, Palmview, 6:30-8:30am. Craft Sale - Tropic Star RV Resort, Pharr, 7:30am-Noon, Two rooms of vendors. Breakfast and lunch available. Join the FUN. 1401 S. Cage Blvd., 956-7875773. Lunch/Dinner - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 11:30am-7pm, Menu available at Cafe Grande, meal price varies. Country Jam - Tropic Winds MH & RV Resort, Harlingen, 12:30-2:30pm. Country/Variety Jam - McAllen Mobile Park, 1-3pm, Come to listen or jam. Dessert table and 50/50. Jam - Casa del Sol, Donna, 1-3pm. Variety Jam - Bentsen Palm RV Park, Mission, 1-3pm, Come play along or just come to listen and visit. Clog Dancing - San Juan Gardens, 1-3pm, Beginners at 12:30. Come and learn to clog dance, it’s great exercise. $3 See PARKS pg. 10 For more information, photos and tour schedules visit Wintertainers TM at tainers Winter TM

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 10 WINTER TEXAN TIMES Bibleville Conference Grounds Bible Conferences 10:30am Sunday 7pm Nightly Celebrating the 77th Anniversary of Rio Grande Bible Ministries. Founders Week February 5-10, 2023 & 1346 N. Cesar Chavez Rd Alamo, Tx 78516 (956) 787-2024 email: Check Program Schedule Changes Bibleville.Conference.Grounds BIBLEVILLE Conference Grounds 1048 N. Alamo Rd. • Alamo, TX 78516 • Office: 956-783-5008 DANCES Sat. Feb. 4, 11, 18 & 25, 7-10 pm • Texas Wheels • $8 Wed. Feb. 22, 7-10 pm • The Fabulous Cruisers • $10 LINE, ROUND, &SQUARE DANCES Mon., 10 am • Beginners Line Dance Tues., 10 am - Noon • Round Dance Wed., 10 am • Improver Line Dance Thurs., 10 am • Line Dance Boot Camp Fri., 10 am - Noon • Square Dance With Joel Saltel ENTERTAINMENT Sun. Feb. 5, 6:30-9 pm • Dave Perryman Tribute Show • $7 Wed. Feb. 8, 7-9 pm • Gid R Done Fundraiser for St. Jude's Children Hospital Fri. Feb. 10, 6:30-8:30 pm • Rusty Rierson • $8 CHURCH SERVICE Sun. Feb. 5 • 9 am Sun. Feb. 12 • 9 am PICKLEBALL MIXER Thursdays • 9 am - Noon • $2 COUNTRY JAM Tuesdays • 7-9 pm Maude Squad is back Jammers by Invitation Only Walking Tacos • 6 pm • $6 while they last, includes soda CRAFT SHOW Mon. Feb. 13 • 9 am - Noon QUILT SHOW Tues. Feb. 21 • 11 am - 3 pm VALENTINE'S DAY DANCE Tickets On Sale Now Tues. Feb 14 • Dinner • 6-7pm Texas Wheels • 7-10 • $20 fee. R/C Car Races - Kenwood RV Park, La Feria, 1:30pm. BS Bar Open - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 4-9pm, Serving beer, wine, soft drinks. Fish Fry - Mission West RV Park, Palmview, 4:30-5:30pm, Fish, slaw, & french fries. Happy Hour - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 5-7pm, Regan James, pass the hat. Event center. Karaoke with Bobby Jack - Sleepy Valley Ranch Resort, Mission, 5:309pm, Karaoke following supper. Menu varies from week to week, $8pp. Fish fry, $9pp. Country Music Jam - Hidden Valley Ranch RV & MH Park, Mission, 5:30pm, All welcome. Jean Closson, 717877-8375. Country Jam - Tradewinds RV Resort, Mission, 6-8pm, Free. Tradewinds Hall. Open to public and all jammers. 50/50. Dance - Fiesta Village, Mission, 6-9pm, Kenastons & High Country, $7pp-$10pp. Entertainment - Winter Green Estates, Mission, 6:30pm, Kai, $7pp. Entertainment - Tropic Winds MH & RV Resort, Harlingen, 7-9pm, Adam Pope’s Monroe Sun, $8pp advance, $10pp at the door. Friday Night Dance - Fun N Sun Resort, San Benito, 7pm, Texas Wheels, $8pp door. Dance - Ranchero Village, Weslaco, 7-10pm, Bottomline Band, $8pp. Concession open, BYOB. Dance - Casa del Sol, Donna, 7-10pm, Route 66, $8pp. Dance - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 7-10pm, The Castaways, variety, $8pp. Island Time theme. Soda, water, popcorn, snacks for sale, free ice/cups, 50/50 door prizes. Dance - Alamo Rose RV and MH Resort, 7-10pm, Poison Ivey, $10pp. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Please no bills larger than $20. Ice and set-ups available. Dance - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 7-10pm, Southern Vibes, $7pp. Dance - Tropic Star RV Resort, Pharr, 7-10pm, Retro Rockers, $10pp. Doors open 6:30pm. Concessions available. 1401 S. Cage Blvd., 956-787-5773. Entertainment - Eastgate RV & MH Park, Harlingen, 7pm, Rusty Rierson, $9pp. For more information call 956-4233137. Country & Big Band Jam - Palm Shadows RV/MH Park, Donna, 7-9pm, Pizza & dogs available from 4:30-6:30. No outside beverages permitted. Musicians by invitation only. Dance - Victoria Palms Resort, Donna, 7-10pm, The Agency, $10pp. Entertainment - Rio Valley Estates MH & RV Resort, Weslaco, 7pm, Festus, $8pp. 50/50. For information, call 816616-8320 or 815-289-0916. 715 N. Westgate Dr. Dance - Magic Valley Park, Weslaco 7-10pm, Steven May & the Southern Knights, $8pp. Popcorn, pop and ice available. BYOB. 2300 E. Bus. 83. Dance - Bentsen Palm RV Park, Mission, 7-10pm, Jealous Heart. Dance - Park Place Estates, Harlingen, 7-10pm, Double Decker, $8pp. Country music. Setups available, BYOB. Entertainment/Dance - Lazy Palm Ranch, Edinburg, 7-9pm, Lindley Creek, $9pp. Bluegrass. BYOB. Saturday, February 4 Breakfast - Eldorado Acres RV Park, Palmview, 7-9am. Annual Indoor Garage Sale, Pancake Breakfast & Pie Sale - La Hacienda Estates, Alamo, 7am-1pm, 1 mile south of Bus. 83 on Tower Rd. Arts & Craft Show/Sale - El Valle Del Sol, Mission, 7:30-10:30am. Arts & Crafts Sale - Pharr South Park, Pharr, 8am-Noon, Looking for crafters. If interested, you can reserve a table by contacting Susan Gilfillan: or 402-680-1380. Breakfast - Paradise Park, McAllen, 8-9am. Saturday Morning Breakfast - El Valle Del Sol, Mission, 8-9:30am, Pancakes or sausage gravy or egg bake, $5pp. Free coffee. Patio Sales - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 8-11am, 1341 W. Bus. 83. Rock Club Show - Bentsen Grove Resort, Palmview, 8am-Noon, Breakfast and lunch available. Patio Sales - San Juan Gardens, 8amNoon. Yard Sale - Bentsen Palm RV Park, Mission, 8am-Noon. Park Wide Yard Sale - Quiet Village II, Donna, 8am-Noon, 215 S. Valley View Rd. Garage Sale - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 8am-Noon. Breakfast - Alamo Paradise Acres, 8-9:30am, $3 all you can eat pancakes. Also serving french toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage, OJ and coffee. 1513 West PARKS From pg. 9 For more information, photos and tour schedules visit Wintertainers TM at tainers Winter TM

11 WINTER TEXAN TIMES FEBRUARY 1, 2023 Bibleville Conference Grounds 1346 N. Cesar Chavez Rd Alamo, Tx 78516 (956) 787-2024 email: The Garms Family Saturday Concert 2pm & 7pm Check Program Schedule Changes Bibleville.Conference.Grounds After The Garms Family’s first experience on stage, word spread fast about the young group. They felt called to encourage people with the Gospel of Jesus through their songs and smiles. Concert •February 4, 2023 BIBLEVILLE Conference Grounds El Valle Del Sol Home of The Peppermint Palace 2500 E.Bus Hwy 83 Mission,TX 78572 956-585-5704 10am – Noon Free coffee. Pass The Hat. Thursdays • Country Jam Saturday Morning Breakfast 8am – 9:30am • $5.00 pp. Choice of Pancakes, Sausage Gravy Biscuits, or Egg Bake. Free coffee. Arts & Craft Show Saturday Night Dance 7:30am – 10:30am Saturday February 4th 7pm – 10pm • $7pp February 4th • South Texas Ramblers February 11th • Route 66 February 18th • Sweetwater February 25th • Vintage Fridays • 1:30pm R/C Car Races Line Dances Entertainment Bluegrass Jam Tuesdays • 1:30-3:30pm Roger Wayne Illusionist $8 • Fri Feb 10 • 7pm Rusty Rierson $9 • Fri Feb 26 • 7pm Mondays • 1-2pm 1201 N. Main Street La Feria, TX 956-797-1851 Cynthia Cavazos - Activity Director Kenwood Rv Resort . Enjoy Life. Enjoy it here. 1900 S. Bridge Ave., Weslaco, TX 78596 Contact: Susan 405-812-4401 RC Racing Concessions open, BYOB Feb. 17, 7-10pm • The Fabulous Cruisers • $10 Advance Tickets Only - Call 219-363-5330 Mardi Gras Dance Feb. 21, 7-10pm • Ron Mosier • $8 Concessions open Feb. 19, 7-9pm • Kai • $8 Pass The Hat Feb. 10, 3-5pm • Justin Terry Feb. 24, 3-5pm • Helen Russell & Company Happy Hour Dances Entertainment Craft Show & Sale Free admission Feb. 23, 8am-12pm Concrete Track 10am • Feb. 7, 14, & 28 Fender Benders Olympics • 10am • Feb 21 Dirt Track 10am • Feb. 3, 10, & 17 Fender Benders Olympics • 10am • Feb 24 Free admission Feb. 6, 9am-12pm Quilt Show Playground For Retirees Crockett. Craft Fair - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 9am-1pm, Rec Hall. Homemade and purchased crafts, free admission. Plus Square Dance Lessons & Review - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 10amNoon, Tampico Hall. Hearing enhancement available. Subject to change without notice. Yahoo - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 10am. Winter Texan Business & Health Expo - Alamo Rec-Veh Park, 10am-1pm, FREE ADMISSION. ONSITE SPECIALS: FREE computer diagnostics (troubleshooting) - RGVgeeks. DOG TOENAIL CLIPPING (Annex only) $10 - K9 Headquarters. VALENTINE BACKDROP PHOTOS (3 special pkgs.) - JP Paulus Photography. Concessions: Willie’s BBQ, Nana’s Taqueria, Milano’s Italian Restaurant, Manjar Bakery, Engert Orchards, Sayklly’s Chocolates. Free RC Car to Valley RV Park with most attendees based on percentage of residents. Many drawing prizes -- over $1000. Country Jam Lunch - Green Gate Grove, Palmview, 11:10am-Noon, We will be serving lunches before the Country Jam. Lunch/Dinner - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 11:30am-7pm, Menu available at Cafe Grande, meal price varies. Country Jam - Green Gate Grove, Palmview, 12:30pm, Everyone is invited to this jam to either play or listen to country music. Questions call 956-540-8463. 2135 S. Bentsen Palm Dr. Jam - Big Valley Trailer Park, Donna, 12:30pm, Curly Klaphake, donation. Everyone welcome. Big Band/Rock & Roll Jam - McAllen Mobile Park, 1-3pm, Great music from Big Band era and lots of room for dancing. Come for the music, stay for the food. Musicians and singers are by invitation only. Concert - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 2pm, The Garms Family. Entertainment - Tip O’ Texas RV Resort, Pharr, 3-4:30pm, Senior Ambassadors, $6pp. BS Bar Open - Llano Grande Lake Park Resort and Country Club, Mercedes, 4-9pm, Serving beer, wine, soft drinks. Bingo - Pharr South Park, Pharr, 6:309:30pm, Snacks and refreshments available for purchase. No outside food or beverages. Dinner is served 5-6pm. Menu varies weekly and you must sign up prior at Pharr South. Dance - Tropic Winds MH & RV Resort, Harlingen, 7-10pm, The Fabulous Cruisers, $10pp advance, $12pp at the door. Concert - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 7pm, The Garms Family. Entertainment - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 7-9pm, Ron & Jan Easter, $9pp. Advance tickets call 956-585-4833 ext. 1062. Concessions available. Entertainment - Fiesta Village, Mission, 7pm, Ralph Kuster, $8pp. Dance - Sleepy Valley Ranch Resort, Mission, 7-10pm, Gatos Locos, $10pp. Handmade pizza available from 5-7pm. Entertainment - Mission West RV Park, Palmview, 7pm, Ron Mosier Show, $8pp. Entertainment - Seven Oaks RV Park, Mission, 7-9pm, Justin Terry. Dance - Casa del Valle Resort Park, Alamo, 7-10pm, Texas Wheels, $8pp. Cowboy Night Dance - Canyon Lake RV Resort, Mission, 7-9pm, The Lockhart’s, $8pp. Snack bar, BYOB. Dance - Paradise Resort Estates, Pharr, 7-10pm, Route 66, $10pp. Doors open at 6:15pm. Snack bar open. Dance - El Valle Del Sol, Mission, 7-10pm, South Texas Ramblers, $7pp. BYOB. Dance - Hidden Valley Ranch RV & MH Park, Mission, 7-10pm, Steven May, $8pp. Jo Herndon, 816-863-5639. Dance - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 7-10pm, Rewind, $10pp. Main Hall. Concessions available. 1341 W Bus. Hwy. 83. 956-787-7571. Dance - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 7-10pm, Red Neck Revival Band. Friendship Hall, 1900 Grace Ave. Gate and doors open at 6:30 pm. Tickets in advance in Activities Office. Entertainment - Southern Comfort Resort, Weslaco, 7pm, Festus, $8pp. Dance - Bluebonnet RV Park, Mission, 7-9pm, Night Ryder Band, $8pp. Dance - Enchanted Valley Ranch, Mission, 7-10pm, Southern Vibes, $8pp. Hippie Dance - Siesta Retirement Village Park, Weslaco, 7pm, $8pp. Entertainment - McAllen Mobile Park, 7pm, Men &Women of A-Chord, pass the hat. 4900 N. McColl Rd. Sunday, February 5 Worship Service - Restful Valley Ranch, Mission, 8:15am, Non-denominational. Church Services - Hidden Valley Ranch RV & MH Park, Mission, 8:30am, Fellowship: 8:30am. Service: 9am. Cowboy Church - Victoria Palms ReSee PARKS pg. 12 For more information, photos and tour schedules visit Wintertainers TM at tainers Winter TM

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 12 WINTER TEXAN TIMES RV RESORT TEXAS TRAILS Division of Wilder’s Corporation DANCES • EVERY FRIDAY 7-10 PM $7 (Unless Noted) ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS & SALES Feb. 5, 3-5pm • Rick McEwen • $8 Feb. 7, 7-9pm • Nu-Blu • $9 Feb. 12, 3-5pm Tiny Hill Orchestra • Pass the hat Feb. 19, 3-5pm • Bruce Boudreau • $8 Feb. 26, 3-5pm • William Florian • $8 Feb. 4, 8am-Noon • Garage Sale Mar. 4, 8am-Noon • Craft Show Masks Recommended But Not Required For All Events 501 W. Owassa Rd • Pharr, Texas 78577 956-787-6538 FOR INFO/TICKETS Feb. 3 • Southern Vibes Feb. 10 • Jealous Heart Feb. 17 • Curt James Feb. 24 • Diego & Edith CREDIT CARDS NOW ACCEPTED ENTERTAINMENT • 7PM ROCK & ROLL JAM SINGLES ARE WELCOME Sat Feb 11 • Rewind • $10 DANCES EVERY FRIDAY 7-10PM Every Thursday • 12:30pm - 2:30pm Wednesday Breakfasts each week • 7:30am - 9am Thursday Lunches - Burgers & More • 11am - 12:30pm Monday Night Meals • 4:30pm - 6pm PAY AT DOOR UNLESS NOTED Feb 1 • Justin Terry • $8 Feb 7 • Rusty Rierson • $9 Feb 10 • Festus Live • $8 MEALS 956-585-0703 1645 S Bentsen Palm Drive • Palmview Paula McSpadden Activity Director ALL EVENTS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Feb 4 • 8am - 12pm Breakfast and lunch available ROCK CLUB SHOW BIT O HEAVEN RV & MOBILE HOME RESORT 1051W Bus Hwy 83 • Donna,TX 78537 SUSANTHOMAS, ACTIVITY DIRECTOR 603-396-2786 FRIDAYS • DANCES • 7-10PM Feb 3 • The Castaways • $8pp Feb 10 • Southern Vibes • $8pp Soda, water, popcorn, and snacks for sale, free ice/cups, 50/50 door prizes. TUESDAYS • HAPPYHOUR • 3:30-5PM PASS THE HAT Feb 7 • Diego Soda, water, popcorn, and snacks for sale, free ice/cups, BYOB, 50/50 door prizes. WEDNESDAYS Jam Lunch • 12pm Menu and price varies Jam Session • 1-3pm All welcome, BYOB SHOW 7 PM • Feb 1 • Lindley Creek • $10 BYOB, snacks SUNDAYS • KARAOKE • 5PM THURSDAYS • SOUPSUPPER • 4:30PM $4 All You Can Eat • Dessert for sale Bring your own table service & beverage Craft Fair • Feb 10 Patio Sales • Feb 11 FAIRS&SALES • 8AM- 12PM For more information call: 956-580-7800 email: Make sure your events are like... THIS!! HOW? Advertise in the Valley’s #1 Winter Texan Paper sort, Donna, 8:30-9:30am. Church Service - San Juan Gardens, 8:40-9:40am, Non-denominational service. Everyone welcome. Church Service - Big Valley Trailer Park, Donna, 9am, Chaplin Doug Schmitt. Non-denominational. Communion served first Sunday of each month. Please join us for worship service. Church Service - Fiesta Village, Mission, 9am, 205 S. Stewart Rd. Church Service - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 9-10:30am, Main Hall. Church Service - Casa del Valle Resort Park, Alamo, 9am. Worship Service - Rio Valley Estates MH & RV Resort, Weslaco, 9am, Pastor Steve St. Clair leads services, non-denominational, all welcome. 715 N. Westgate Dr. Worship Service - Siesta Retirement Village Park, Weslaco, 9am. Worship Service - Pharr South Park, Pharr, 9:30-10:30am, All are welcome to our Interdenominational Service. Fellowship follows service. Church - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 9:30am, With Chaplain Bill Wade, in Mission Bell hall. Everyone is welcome! 1711 E. Bus. Hwy. 83. Church Services - Quiet Village II, Donna, 9:30am, Non-denominational service. Coffee served at 9am. Pastor Mary Chamberlin presiding. Communion, last Sunday of the month. All welcome. Church - Mission West RV Park, Palmview, 10am, Pastor Mark McDonald. Church Services - Paradise Resort Estates, Pharr, 10-11am, Non-denominational services. Worship Service - Palm Shadows RV/ MH Park, Donna, 10-11am, Non-denominational. Pastors Chuck & Bev Wolff. Fellowship and refreshments following. Worship Service - El Valle Del Sol, Mission, 10-11am, Non-denominational. Church Services - Sunshine RV Resort, Harlingen, 10-11am, Friendship Hall. Gate is open. 1900 Grace Ave. Non Denominational Church Service - River Ranch Resort, Rio Hondo, 1011am. Church - Oleander Acres, Mission, 10am. Conference - Bibleville Conference Grounds, Alamo, 10:30am, Founders Week. Church Service - Pleasant Valley Resort, Mission, 10:30-11:30am, Traditional Lutheran Service, all welcome. Jam - Fiesta Village, Mission, 1-3pm. Dance - Mission Bell Resort, Mission, 3-5pm, Tiny Hill Orchestra, free. Big Band Era music. Snacks and ice cream available. Happy Hour - Tip O’ Texas RV Resort, Pharr, 3-4:30pm, Tim Dirth/Hitman, donation. Entertainment - Texas Trails RV Resort, Pharr, 3-5pm, Rick McEwen, $8pp. Entertainment - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 3-4:15pm, RGV Concert Band, $6pp. Main Hall. Entertainment - Casa del Valle Resort Park, Alamo, 3-5pm, Dave Perryman, pass the hat. Church Service - Bluebonnet RV Park, Mission, 4pm, Chaplains: Greg & Suzie York. Bluebonnet Hall, 3366 N. Bentsen Palm Dr. Dinner - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 4-5:30pm, Open face roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy. Karaoke - Bit-O-Heaven RV Park, Donna, 5pm, BYOB, snacks. Gospel Jam - Lamplighter Park, Palmview, 5:30-7:30pm. Entertainment - Pharr South Park, Pharr, 6:30-8:30pm, J. Michael Laferty. Singer/songwriter, tells stories, and talks to the audience. Ice cream available for purchase during intermission. Movie - Paradise Resort Estates, Pharr, 6:30-9:30pm, Snack bar opens at 6:15 with hot dogs and other items available. PH II, III, & IV RD Dance Party - Alamo Palms MH & RV Park, 6:30-8:30pm, Tampico Hall. Hearing enhancement available. Subject to change without notice. Entertainment - Valley View Estates, Mission, 7-9pm, Helen Russell & Company, $8pp advance, $10pp at the door. No alcohol at shows. Snack bar open, sodas, ice cream, popcorn, cookies, chips, etc. 2100 Vernon, 319-521-6095. Entertainment - Big Valley Trailer Park, Donna, 7-9pm, Festus Live Comedy Show, $8pp. Festus character from Gunsmoke and many other voices. Entertainment - Magic Valley Park, Weslaco, 7pm, Justin Terry, $8pp. Doors open 6:30. 2300 E. Bus. 83. Entertainment - J-5 Mobile Home Park, Mission, 7pm, Johnathan Len variety singer, $8pp. Monday, February 6 Breakfast - Eldorado Acres RV Park, PARKS From pg. 11 See PARKS pg. 26 For more information, photos and tour schedules visit Wintertainers TM at tainers Winter TM

13 WINTER TEXAN TIMES FEBRUARY 1, 2023 2023Valley Star Awards Ballot Vote for your favorite WintertainersTM The Winter Texan Times is once again bringing you this year’s Valley Star Awards. Listed below are the top nominees for 8 different entertainment categories as well as the write-in category for Entertainer or Group of the Year. Now, it’s up to you to choose the winners. Vote for your favorite WintertainersTM, choosing only one per category, and write in your favorite for Entertainer of the Year. Ballot Deadline: Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 4 pm. Your Name:___________________________________________________Phone:____________________________________ Signature:____________________________ City:_______________________ RV Park Name:_________________________ Home State:____________________________________________ Email:__________________________________________ Check here if you would like to receive the FREE Winter Texan Times e-Edition How to Submit Your Ballot Mail: Mail completed ballot to: Winter Texan Times • 1217 N. Conway Ave. • Mission, TX 78572, or Online: Fill out the ballot form online at Ballot Rules: Complete the ballot in full, or complete the online ballot. No copies permitted. Ballot must be completed using the official ballot printed in the Winter Texan Times, or the online form. All ballots must be received at the Winter Texan Times office located at 1217 N Conway Ave., Mission, TX 78572 by Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 4 pm. Limit one entry per person. Multiple submissions WILL NOT be accepted or tabulated in the final results. Write in your choice for Entertainer or Group of the Year Entertainer/Group of the Year:_________________________________________________ Curt James Diego Rick McEwen Rusty Rierson Male Vocalist of the Year Country Band of the Year Baker Family Goldwing Express Lindley Creek Steven May & Southern Knights Ambassadors of Grace Men of A Chord Razz Ma Tazz Senior Ambassadors Vocal Group or Choir of the Year Cruisers Night Howlers Renaissance Rockers Rte 66 Rock N Roll Band of the Year Brenda Coin Elaine Nelson Show Naomi Bristow Ruthi Female Vocalist of the Year Dale & Gayle Diego & Edith Maggie May & Steve Ray Spittin’ Image Duet Musical Group of the Year Castaway Festus Lives Comedy Show Pat Davison & Tess Redneck Revival Novelty, Comedy, or Variety Act of the Year Helen Russell & Co. Jason Whorlow Kai Ron Moshier Individual or Small Band Act of the Year