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Mission top Winter Texan destination in US

2024 Mission Winter TExan Fiesta IMG 5354 webAccording to a recent survey, Mission, TX is on the top ten snowbird destinations in the United States. The City of Mission is the number one Winter Texan (we don’t use the word snowbirds) destination in the State of Texas.

The survey, done by StorageCafe looked at several different metrics including weather, storage use, average temperature, vacant housing units for the season vs. non-season, number of RV parks in each city, and more to determine the most popular places for winter migration.

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Winter Texans visit the Valley to stay active

IMG 8044 webOne of the things that we hear around here is that Winter Texans come to the Valley during the winter months so they can still live an active lifestyle. If they were still up north, they would be stuck inside during snowstorms, and wouldn’t have much to do but a few indoor activities when it is too cold outside. The only activity they would really get is shoveling snow, and that is something they don’t want to be doing.

So, they come to south Texas so that can have a wide variety of activities to choose from. Because of the warmer climate, and predominantly dry season, Winter Texans have a full range of outdoor activities they can participate in while in south Texas from October through March.

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Winter Texans have places to go, things to do

20161208 McAllen Performing Arts Center webWinter Texans have places throughout the Valley they can visit. There are sites to see, things to do, parks to visit, and more. There is a wide range of places to go and things to do from Rio Grande City all the way down to South Padre Island.

The Valley is full of history. There are forts in Rio Grande City and Brownsville, a battlefield from the Mexican American war in Brownsville, and more. Fort Brown in Brownsville features an old morgue, captain’s quarters, and the old hospital. Mission has the La Lomita Church, where the city got its name.

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McAllen lands in top affordable cities to visit in Texas

Downtown McAllen webMcAllen has once again landed in the top five of another state list. The ranking, compiled by TheTravel website, looked at 10 cities and compared travel costs, including flights, hotel, and affordable entertainment options. McAllen earned the number four spot, while other border cities, Laredo and El Paso were named three and two respectively. Other cities on the list included south central communities and Dallas’ neighbors, Arlington and Fort Worth.

While the cities listed are more affordable than Dallas, they are still bustling cities in their own right. In fact, according to the author of the article, many of them are hidden gems in Texas that offer wide open spaces, cultural richness, and cost-conscious opportunities.

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Rio Grande Valley parks feature top Wintertainers™

FB IMG 1709841753535 webThe Rio Grande Valley's Winter Texan scene isn't the quiet, gem in the rough secret that it once was.

For the winter visitors, that's a good thing – especially when it comes to entertainment. Winter Texans are known for having fun. The Valley provides tons of it too.
More and more Wintertainers™ are coming to the Valley to entertain Winter Texans. The growth can be attributed to entertainers like Gordy and Debbie who came to the Valley nearly 15 years ago and were an immediate hit. When they returned home, they spread the word and brought some friends down.

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Forget the glass slipper – give me clogging shoes!

Margarita Cloggers Carolyn Pullen Sally Lynch Bub Harper Peggy Harper webSubmitted by Carolyn Pullen

On February 27, the Margarita Cloggers at Greengate Grove RV Park hosted the RGV Clogging Fun Dance. There were four clogging groups from the Valley in attendance. Angelika Eleni, a professional Irish dancer, demonstrated different Irish dances/steps and then taught us a step from Seon nos (pronounced “shan-nos”) which means “old style” in Irish, that we could use in our clog dances.

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Auction and Ropa Style Show raises over $10k

Auction Cindy with bid sign webBy Barb Zanetti
Photos by Dennis Zanetti

Alamo Palms RV Resort’s Scholarship Committee has raised over $10,000 so far this year in its two major fundraising events – an auction and a Ropa Style Show.
Through generous resident donations, these two events over the past decade have provided over $100,000 in scholarships for Alamo’s high school (PSJA Memorial) seniors.

Residents say that while they have been entertained, they also enjoyed giving their time, talent, and money to make these unique events a success for such a worthy cause.

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Dale Aalderink keeps Biking on

Dale Aalderink Palm Gardens RV Park webBy Ruth Filz

On Saturday, February 24, the Henry Roberts Memorial 33rd Annual Jalapeno 100 bike ride took place in Harlingen. Palm Gardens RV Park in Harlingen has been involved with the ride since 2000 when three couples started sponsoring a rest stop for riders. The park has continued sponsoring a rest stop every year since.

In addition, to sponsoring the rest stop, the park has had several riders take part in the ride over the years. This year, we had four riders – Dale Aalderink, Nancy Van Nest, Tim Van Nest, and Richard Waufle.

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La Floresta holds golf tournament

20240313 123 122 USE THIS ONE webAnother great event happened at our beautiful La Floresta RV Park near Mercedes. We had our championship par-3 golf tournament for both men and women. The winner of the men's was Ken Webb and the winner of the women’s was Darla Strait. In celebration of this, we had free pizza and drinks provided by the golf committee. The bonus of this Awards party was CanAm put on an amazing dance for us. (Submitted by Darla Strait)