Monday, May 29, 2023
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20221123 DSC 0117 1 webFood brings people together

This time of year, and practically any time of year, we all enjoy food. Nothing brings people together quite the way food does. When food comes along with an event, you know there will be people there. I don’t know exactly what it is, but that’s just the way it is.

It’s no different with Winter Texan events. We see potluck suppers, lunches, donut and pancake breakfasts, Taco Tuesday’s and so many other events centered around food. If it’s a dinner and a dance. Or a jam session with lunch served. Or crafts sales with breakfast available.

20221123 Casa Del Valle Christmas Luncheon JMB 1050 webYou can count on these events bringing the crowd in. So much so, that even when dining halls were shut down, management found a way to bring the food to their residents.

According to, “it’s how we make friends, nurture relationships, celebrate milestones, mend conflicts and feel gratitude for life.”

And National Geographic says evidence shows it has been a part of our story for 300,000 years.

20221123 Texas Trails Hog Trough HMoering 0163 web“To break bread together,” a phrase as old as the Bible, captures the power of a meal to forge relationships, bury anger, provoke laughter.” Says National Geographic’s The Joy of Food article.

“With good friends … and good food on the board … we may well ask, When shall we live if not now?” – M.F.K. Fisher, The Art of Eating.

This gathering brings laughter, and the feel good in the belly feeling that lasts all day, if not longer. It’s a time to linger, to let go of the day, and just enjoy the food and the company.

No wonder, you get together so often, and the Winter Texan parks offer you meals throughout the day, and week. I am sure it helps your day go by with a smile on your face.

In our first issues we shared pictures of Winter Texans getting together for Friday night fish dinners, a lunch in Monterrey, and having snacks while playing cards. We also had plenty of dinners and lunches listed in the parks calendar.

20221123 IMG 9403 webWe still see many of these events happening around the Valley parks today. In recent years there have been some interesting and fun events like chili cook-offs and a Hog Trough. Some parks have Italian nights or have a different themed dinner each month depending on the holiday like St. Patrick’s Day – green items for dessert.

These events bring you closer to each other as a community and this is how you have found long-lasting friendships during your years in the Valley. We hope you continue to get together and enjoy your time with each other and enjoy the food your parks and the Valley has to offer.