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It is so much fun seeing what all of you are doing for your communities this holiday season. We have received information from several parks about what their residents are doing and hope we can share some of it with you.

If you have something you are doing in your park, collecting food, jackets, toys, books, whatever it is, we would love to see it and share it with our readers. Seeing what you are doing for others makes my heart happy and I am sure it gives new ideas to others.

I love being able to visit the parks as you are working together to bring joy to the children in the community – and seeing the joy on your face even before the actual giving.

Every year, we think about who we can give to. Some years we have been more blessed than others and can give a good share, and sometimes it might just be pitching in a gift or two to a Toy for Tots box or giving a family a meal. Whatever it is, it brings warmth to my soul – no matter how big, or how small. It’s something I have always enjoyed doing.

My mother was someone that thought about service more than anything else. If there was someone in need, she was right there asking what they needed and how she could help. If she couldn’t fulfill the request, she would find someone that could. Even before she passed away this year, I would often think about her giving heart and how much she truly loved everyone she met.

Now, I think about how to live up to her example and do as much as I can, when I can. That sense of giving and being in service of our fellow man, brings me more joy than receiving. I hope that my children carry that on as well as they find that same joy.

I do hope you share your giving with others and let us know what you are doing so we can share that joy with others.

If you have something you would like to share with us – doesn’t have to be anything big – send it to news@wintertexantimes.com.

We would also love to include little snippets about what your park is doing this year, who they are welcoming, how much fun they are having, just a general outline of what’s happening in your park.

We love to hear from you and we love having you here!