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The Hidden Gems of our Mid Valley Golf Courses

20220319 Tierra Santa Golf Course ALB 0009 wbA “Hidden Gem” is something that isn't well known or popular but has something special or unique about it that inspires positive feelings. The term is often used for travel destinations and restaurants, but people also use it to describe books, movies, games, podcasts, and more.

We’ll be honest with you, as the popularity of golf has returned to a growth stage since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become harder and harder to find hidden gems on the golf course. Now, they’re precious gems.

This is the last week of our three-part series covering these hidden gems in the Valley. These hidden gems are recommended by the golf pros, or regulars, at the golf courses.

Hidden gems, diamonds in the rough, unexpected surprises — like finding an extra $20 that was forgotten in the pocket of a pair of pants — can have a profound positive effect on one’s day.

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