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Stuart Place is not just a one-hit wonder

20220319 Stuart Place Golf Course ALB 0046 webGolf is a passion for those who play, wherever their ability level sits – all it takes is one great shot of the 100 or so you take for the “casual” golfer to transform into the person who talks about everything using golf lingo. Phrases like “I aced it,” or “that’s par for the course,” seemingly are used much more by the golfer than the rest of the “normal” world.

But when one goes out to hit the fairways, there’s usually a ritual that takes place, some are more intense than others. Some people arrive early, grab some breakfast, hit the putting green or the driving range and then start their round. Others will just hang back in the clubhouse and spend a day just putting, chipping, eating, watching television, and chatting with other golfers as they begin, or put an end, to their ritual, which oftentimes includes a burger or nachos and a cold adult beverage – maybe more than one to either celebrate a good round or to try and forget a bad round.

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