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mustang band 600pxThe Valley Star Awards Show was a hit last week, even after being rescheduled due to the weather on the original date it was scheduled. Originally scheduled for the 17th, the event was held Wednesday, February 24th at Mission Bell Resort in Mission. It was a treat for all of those that attended – and the treat was not just the performers.


dave and daphne 6137Mission Bell served a great lunch with some options that anyone would like. They even had several choices of pie for dessert. It was all nice and refreshing to have on a warm day for the outside concert. A huge contrast to the weather of the previous week.

It was a little different this year. We did not give out awards this year because there were less events and not everyone was able to come to entertain the Valley this season. Instead, Robert Ferguson shared some of the history of the Valley Star Awards and had guests guessing on who the Entertainer’s of the Year were.diego and edith 6175

The lineup included Dave and Daphne, Diego and Edith, Mark Staggs’ Festus, Jamie Layton, The Midnight Mustang Band and Redneck Revival. It was an afternoon full of laughter, clapping, singing and even some dancing.

Dave and Daphne brightened up the crowd with their voices and Dave’s guitar talent. The group sang several voice belting songs and a few slower, more subdued songs to the delight of the crowd. There were a few couples that could not help but dance along. The duo also performed a beautiful song remembering the veterans in attendance. Dave and Daphne’s information and schedule can be found on our website and at www.daveanddaphne.com.

Jamie Layton 6197Diego and Edith were on stage with their charisma, voices and Diego’s piano playing. They even recognized some of their usuals in attendance. The duo performs for dances and other events and there was dancing to be had at this event. You can find Diego and Edith on Facebook to see where they are performing or to book them for an event.

The deep bass voice of Jamie Layton was welcomed by those attending. He showed his range with some country songs. He also performs with the Abundance Quartet, a gospel music group. He shared some gospel tunes as well. Find Jamie Layton on Facebook or at www.abundancequartet.com/jamie-layton-music.html.mark staggs 6169

Mark Staggs had the crowd rolling in laughter with his Festus, a nod to a character from Gun Smoke. He also did impersonations of Jimmy Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clint Eastwood. You can find Mark Staggs on Facebook and on his website at www.markstaggs.com.

The Midnight Mustang Band is a group of Valley men that have loved their music for years. The group performed some classic rock music and some blues. Their information can be found on our website and on Facebook.

redneck revival 6105Redneck Revival was another hoot and holler with laughs and some music. The duo sings country music, performs comedy and skits, and some church music thrown in the mix as well. They got the crowd involved in their music and laughing with their comedic songs. You can find them on Facebook as Pastor Pudges Redneck Revival.
To see these Wintertainers™ and others, visit our website at www.wintertexantimes.com.


Photo One: The Midnight Mustang Band

Photo Two: Dave and Daphne

Photo Three: Diego and Edith

Photo Four: Jamie Layton

Photo Five: Mark Staggs

Photo Six: Redneck Revival