Thursday, December 08, 2022
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20220719 Quinta Moth Salt Marsh Moth John BrushWhen the sun goes down, the moths come out at Quinta Mazatlan! Join us for this very special glimpse into the world of nocturnal insects on Saturday night, July 23rd, open from 9 pm to midnight.

A dimly lit trail will guide the guests through the Thorn Forest trails at Quinta Mazatlan to special Mothing Stations with knowledgeable naturalists. Guests should expect to see spiders, scorpions, frogs, toads, beetles and more.

20220719 Quinta Moth Flashlight NightsMcAllen’s Urban Ecologist, John Brush shares, “We are celebrating National Moth Week in the park. There are over 10,000 species of moths in the United States and Canada, with over 100,000 worldwide. Moths are the unseen pollinators of the night, playing a huge role in helping plants reproduce and being important parts in food webs of many terrestrial ecosystems.”

20220719 Quinta Moth Giant CicadaWe guarantee you’ll be amazed by the diversity, size and beauty of what we find. You’re welcome to join us for an hour or more, and to leave as you like. Be sure to wear comfortable and protective outdoor clothing; we recommend long pants and closed-toe walking shoes. We also ask guests to bring their own flashlights, and be prepared in case of biting insects. Guests are asked to remain on the walking trail and to be aware of their footing, as forest areas will be dark.

Advance tickets to Mothing by Moonlight at Quinta Mazatlan are recommended at, $5 per ticket. For more information, please call (956) 681-3370.