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2024 Mission Winter TExan Fiesta IMG 5354 webAccording to a recent survey, Mission, TX is on the top ten snowbird destinations in the United States. The City of Mission is the number one Winter Texan (we don’t use the word snowbirds) destination in the State of Texas.

The survey, done by StorageCafe looked at several different metrics including weather, storage use, average temperature, vacant housing units for the season vs. non-season, number of RV parks in each city, and more to determine the most popular places for winter migration.

The survey talks about the traditional wintertime ‘migration’ towards friendlier shores that keeps gaining new clientele. According to the survey, because of the rise in remote work, there has been a notable increase in the ‘nomads’ that are seeking warmer winters.

What are our Winter friends looking for?

Friendly surroundings, great climate, beaches close by, golf courses, availability of rentals for seasonal use, costs of renting/buying availability, safety, healthcare, and even the number of restaurants and places to go. Mission offers Winter Texans the best bang for their buck.

Mission, and the Rio Grande Valley, offers Winter Texans all of these things. There is a perfect blend of amenities, mild climate, and affordability, said the survey.
Out of the top 100 destinations in the southern Unites States, the State of Texas secured 27 cities in the top 100. So, we’ll say it again – With Mission being in the top 10, and the number one in the State of Texas, there has to be a reason why.

So why Mission?

According to the survey, almost 74 percent of the vacant housing inventory is destined for seasonal use, ‘indicative of a very attractive touristic destination.’ The average temperature from October to March is 65 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter months are generally dry, which allows people to enjoy a ‘comfortable outdoorsy lifestyle’ during their stay in Mission – and the Valley. It also noted that there are almost 30 RV parks in the City of Mission alone. When you look at our Park Directory, you’ll see over 200 parks listed in the Rio Grande Valley.

The study had a lot to say about the City of Mission:

“The city is a paradise for nature lovers, offering attractions such as the National Butterfly Center and the nearby World Birding Center, a network of spectacular birdwatching sites located in the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park.

“With its Goldilocks size, not too big or too small, Mission offers a city-like environment in addition to great access to the outdoors. The charming downtown area is bustling with shops, cafes, and restaurants; while its charming and quaint architecture gives visitors a connection with the city’s history and cultural heritage.”

Out of the top ten cheapest Winter Texan cities in Texas, seven of them are in the Rio Grande Valley. Others listed are Mercedes, Weslaco, Harlingen, Brownsville, Edinburg, and McAllen. So, if you are budget conscious, the Rio Grande Valley has many options for you. The weather is just as pleasant throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley as it is in Mission.

Overall, the StorageCafe article says, Winter Texans choose south Texas because it is an affordable option that offers beautiful weather, great food, and opportunities for golf, birdwatching, fishing and so much more.