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20240124 Roadrunner Jam 2 webMusicians and listeners should not miss the inspirational country-gospel music available every Tuesday (November through March) from 1 to 3 p.m. at Roadrunner RV Park’s clubhouse, your home away from home since 1960, located at 1222 N. Cesar Chavez Rd. The park is named after the cartoon character, the ‘roadrunner’ which is a Warner Bros. 1949 creation of a fast ground running ‘bird.’

The welcoming starts immediately as you enter with a warm greeting from Connie Dziuh (50/50), followed by greetings by Sherry Hogan of the activity committee and Monika Shaw who served participants lunch. In addition, each jammer is introduced on stage by the announcer Carlene Chebuhar who coordinates the jammers with George Epley, the manager of the stage band.

The stage band is composed of the following volunteers: George Epley, stage band manager, lead guitarist, mandolin player and vocalist; Rodney Crouse, bass guitarist and vocalist; Tom Rivers, lead guitarist and vocalist; Bunnie Sigrist, rhythm guitarist and vocalist; and Wayne Teeple, fiddle, guitar, and vocalist.

20240124 Roadrunner Jam 3 webThe 19 country-gospel jammers who performed were Connie Benedict, John and Judy Campbell, Carlene Chebuhar, Linda Crouse, Richard Daniel, Joyce Fratt, Verna Funk, Tom Masha, Gail Miles, Elaine Nelson, Tony Ozark, Shire Pfeiffer, Deral Rogers, Larry Sisk, Dave Swanson, Bettey Thomas, Bo, and Ralph.
Two musicians were standouts – George Epley and Bunnie Sigrist.

George Epley, who lives full time in Pharr, is the manager of the Roadrunner stage band and also performs weekly at the Heritage Square jam in Mission. Twice per month, he is at the Brook Ridge Retirement Community in Pharr.

George started his music career at age 12 learning to play the left-handed guitar and mandolin by ear without any lessons. He is a great vocalist learning many songs by listening to the Grand Ole Opry. He was also inspired to pursue music from his father who played the old-time fiddle. Because of his love for music, George has inspired his son and grandson to pursue music.

In the RGV, he has performed with the Bob Droze Band; Louie Long and Texas Three band, that played at senior parks; Terry Smith, a popular songwriter and vocalist from Nashville; and his own four-piece band for shows at senior parks. Back in his hometown of Wichita, George had his own band performing for shows and at the VFW dances. He has also performed on radio and produced several CDs.

20240124 Roadrunner Jam 4 webBunnie Sigrist performs with her guitar and voice and currently lives full time in Alamo. She was motivated to study music by her Sunday school teacher taking piano lessons starting at the age of 10. She performed in school bands, choirs, and a girls glee club.

Later in life, she was motivated by her children and grandchildren to continue to pursue music. She has performed with Don Barnard, George Epley, Ron Ford, Louie Jett, Red Johnson, Jim King, and Coleman Smith. Bunnie plays at several jams, including Countryside MH and RV Park, Siesta Village, and Trails End as well.

Because of her pursuit of music, she has inspired her oldest son and grandson to study music.

Bunnie also volunteers and shares her musical talents at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Her philosophy is “Musicians are family. We pray for each other and take care of each other.”