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20230322 On the Lifghter Side At the Mexican Marker in Benson State Park webIt was a warm February day in Bentsen State Park; we had stopped for a rest and a drink of water at the Mexican Marker and realized we had a problem. The Marker is about halfway around our planned bike ride. At the Marker, our friends admitted they had not ridden a bike in years.

Meeting Old Friends is Part of The Joy of Camping.

Case and Geraldine were good friends from twenty years ago. Our jobs had taken us to different parts of Canada, but we had maintained contact on Facebook.

They were crossing the southern USA in their RV. They had come to the Rio Grande Valley to see us.

Bentsen State Park

Bentsen State Park, with its bird hides, lake, and falcon lookout, is a beautiful park with abundant wildlife and flat paved roads for biking. It was the chance to see a Road Runner, that sold our friends on the idea of a bike ride.

Experiencing The Park by Bike

In addition to our bikes, we borrowed two bikes from our neighbors. Then, equipped with water, a camera, and binoculars, we loaded the bikes into the back of our truck and drove the three miles to the car park at the State Park.

Passing the wall, we stopped for photographs. For visiting Canadians, it's a photo opportunity not to be missed. After the wall, we stopped and paid the entrance fee at the information office.

It was an easy ride to the first two bird hides. A wild Javelina wandered out of the bush as we left the first bird hide. A lucky photo.

20230322 On the Lifghter Side A wild Javelina wandered out of the bush webHalfway Around the Bike Trails

We parked the bikes next to each other, using the kickstands when suddenly my bike fell and knocked the other bikes over.

We were sitting on the bench at the Mexican Marker about halfway around the bike trails when we realized we had a problem. Case and Geraldine were tired.

Geraldine said, “Why do the bike trails seem uphill in both directions?”

“First, let me ask you a question,” I said. “Why can't bicycles stand up on their own?”

I got no answer, so I continued as thoughtfully and tactfully as possible.

“The answers to both questions are the same, bicycles like yourselves are too tired."

The Park Tram

“However,” I said. “I have the answer; the park tram will stop here in about ten minutes and take you back. I will look after the bikes.”

The park tram got Case and Geraldine back to the car park. I made two trips for the bikes. Back at our trailer, we all relaxed. A cold beer, a bottle of white wine, and a good meal saved the day. I was tired. Linda prepared salad and sweet potatoes while Case BBQ steaks.

Unfortunately, none of us are as fit as we used to be.

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