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St Cyril and Methodius painted church Texas sanctuary interior webWhat beautiful weather we have been having lately. After those first few days of freezing weather, the last few days have been divine as far as temperature goes. But how ferocious the wind has been. Makes me wonder what this does to the golfers. Do you have to judge the wind velocity and how it will affect your drive? What a challenge!

As I look back over my high school and college days, I wonder why I never learned to play golf. I was active in almost every other sport that was available at the time. Softball was probably the sport I participated in the most, playing on the girl’s intramural softball team at my university. I loved all the sports – swimming, tag football, basketball, ping pong, and bowling. I even learned to play tennis at age 40. At one time, I shot quite a bit of pool.

Participating in any sport teaches us a lot – discipline, fair play, teamwork, co-operation, and dependability. Besides, exercise is good for our bodies. Now as a tour operator, I realize how important those attributes learned playing sports can benefit a business owner. I could not plan a good tour without the cooperation of the hotels, attractions, and restaurant owners as well as the chamber employees in the towns we visit. When are the wildflowers generally in full bloom in the Hill Country? What restaurants can take care of a group? Is the bus driver courteous and safe? All of those questions and more need to be answered as we plan a tour. It takes teamwork to produce a good tour.

For instance, the Painted Churches is an upcoming tour that takes some thought as well as interpretation to the market. Many people think that it is just another religious trip or think they have seen enough churches. This tour is so much more. The churches we visit are true museums of beautiful artwork that display the ingenuity of the early German and Polish settlers who found a new home in that part of Texas. You will be astounded when you discover that those pillars in the churches are not marble, but wooden tree trunks painted to look like marble. Delicate feather brush paintings cover the ceilings and walls. This destination is one of the jewels of Texas. Don’t miss out. The Painted Churches and Schulenburg are a part of our Texas heritage.