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20221125 225854I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday.

Ours was low key, but still quite satisfying. The only hiccup we had was that the turkey didn’t take as long to cook as we thought it would. The sides weren’t done yet when it was finished.

I was able to host my father this year – our first Thanksgiving without my mom. So, it was a little different, but we were able to share some of our family traditions with him – like tamales the day after Thanksgiving while we set up the tree and snow village.

And we ate leftovers nearly all weekend. Whether it was leftovers from Thanksgiving or leftover tamales and veggies, we had something to eat. I didn’t have to cook anything else until Sunday evening. Now we did go out to eat lunch a couple of times though to change things up a bit.

I am so thankful we have these moments to share with each other, share traditions and share stories. There was always a story to share, and I loved hearing my dad talk about his past, family members that I barely knew growing up, and just how different the world was during his younger days.

How was your Thanksgiving? What traditions do you have? What do you like most about the holidays?


Now we prepare for the Christmas holidays that seem to be right around the corner. As we do we think about those less fortunate and what we can do to help them.
I am already seeing church organizations making and filling stockings for foster kids, places collecting jackets, Toys for Tots, and others.

If your park is doing something this holiday season for your community, or an organization, please let us know. We would love to get more information and get a story out of what you are doing. We love seeing photos of what you are doing as well – so don’t forget to show us how you are helping.

You can send information to news@wintertexantimes.com.