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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This year has gone by fast… and this season seems to be speeding on by. Thanksgiving Day is usually quite a busy day for us. We usually have family over or are visiting family.

This year, we are spending it with friends. And although we aren’t hosting, we still have a few things we are making to take to that gathering. We also have a turkey to cook for ourselves.

No matter what, my husband has to have his own turkey. He likes the turkey leftovers. We get a big turkey so that we can have meat for casseroles, sandwiches, and other meals. I can get tired of just plain turkey, but when it’s used for other types of meals, it’s something else entirely.

We also have traditions that start this time of year. Sometimes we are able to keep them, sometimes, depending on the availability of tamales, we don’t do the full thing.

We have a tradition of trimming the tree on the day after Thanksgiving. The big thing, the special part, is to have tamales and hot chocolate too, and a veggie tray to make sure we get a more balanced meal of sorts.

This started with my husband’s grandmother. She would have everyone over for the tree trimming. We have tried to continue it in our own home.

What traditions do you have? What do you look forward to during the holidays

Let us know what you are doing for the holidays. What is your park doing for the community? I know many are already getting together funds for Christmas gifts for children in their community.

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