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20240301 203449 webThis past week was a fun one – a little cooler than usual, but a fun one. There was a great turn out at the Mission Winter Texan Fiesta. The day started with a light misty rain and a cool breeze, and although we were expecting the sun at some point, I don’t think it showed itself until the event was practically over. So, quite a few Winter Texans decided not to venture out until a little later in the afternoon instead of showing up at the beginning, which was fine, we still had the chance to talk to a lot of you.

We even met the couple that is in our Winter Texan Ambassador ad. It’s a picture from several years ago, but it’s one that we like and have been using for the ad for several years. They said you could tell the time frame of the photo because no one is using cell phones to take photos – everyone has a little point and shoot camera instead. Most Winter Texans you see taking photos at events now have a cell phone, or something nicer than a point and shoot.

It is always fun hanging out with you and talking to you. We had a lot of visitors to our table. So many of them mentioned how long they had been coming to the Valley, reading the paper, and how they came once to visit and the next year they bought a home to come back to each year. It’s awesome hearing how much the Valley is loved by our Winter Texan friends and what some of you find different from here versus Florida. We are thrilled you have decided to spend time with us.
We also had the opportunity to go see Fiddler on the Roof performed by the Harlingen Community Theatre. I just have to say WOW! That was a phenomenal production! The people that volunteered their time and talent to this production were incredible. I was crying during one scene and laughing in another. It was so real, heartfelt, and emotional. They really made the story come to life on that stage. I am hoping we can catch more of their productions next year.

The Harlingen Community Theatre is a non-profit and everything on the stage, from their outfits to props, is all made possible by donations. They have had a wonderful season this year – selling out almost all their shows, something that hasn’t been done since 2019.

You can find out more information about them, how to support them, and when their next shows are, by visiting them online at https://hctvalleystars.org/.

Winter Texan Ambassadors

If you are still interested in becoming a Winter Texan Ambassador, don’t forget to call us soon and reserve 25 copies or more to take home with you and show everyone why you enjoy the Valley so much. Our take home issue will be March 13 and we can work out on how to get those papers to you.

Call us by March 8 to let us know how many you want reserved.