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gospel fest 600pxIt was beautiful weather last Tuesday. Simply perfect weather for a little bit of gospel outside on the Fun N Sun parking lot. There was a slight breeze and nearly no clouds in the sky. People had gathered in their golf carts or lawn chairs to see Rusty Rierson, Ralph Kuster and Lindley Creek. They had also gathered to help raise money for some especially important organizations.


gospel fest 5972This is an event Fun N Sun has held since 2006. They usually choose two organizations to donate whatever is raised. This year they were raising funds for the San Benito Food Pantry and Maggie’s House.

The San Benito Food Pantry is a charity organization which has been in service for over 36 years, providing food for under income residents of San Benito. Serving 450 families each week or 5,700 people a month keeps more than twenty volunteers busy helping to operate the pantry on a weekly basis. The pantry spends more than $1,000 weekly buying food to help feed the hungry and those in need.

Forest Walker at San Benito Pantry, said other are pantries are closing because people are afraid to get out, not attending church, and therefore not giving as they once were – which increases the need in the community.

Monetary donations are vital, and San Benito is blessed to have some who have pledged to give monthly, she added.

Receipts are available upon request. There are ongoing volunteer opportunities for any looking for a purpose.

The pantry, and Walker, were grateful for a recent food drive. A young boy wanted to gather blankets for the needy. After reaching out, more than 100 of the 350 blankets donated, were from Fun N Sun residents.

“Fun N Sun has never let them down,” said Walker adding that the park is one of her strongest supporters.gospel fest 6067

Maggie’s House is named after a little girl who died at the age of two from baby shaking syndrome at the hands of her babysitter. This children’s advocate center is celebrating their 25th anniversary providing child abuse prevention services. Providing a homelike environment for law enforcement and Child Protective Services to interview children and families when abuse has been reported. Services include family education, social work, and psychological services, with a therapy component for on-going healing. Money is used to provide for personal needs such as clothing and food but even more importantly for staff and materials to do community and school outreach and educational expos.

The entertainers, as every year, volunteer their time and talent to participate at the Gospel Fest. They entertain singing gospel favorites and sharing messages of hope, testimony, and love.

Kathy Rabitoy, from Fun N Sun, said it was a super fun day and she received many great compliments on the performances.

Thanks to the generosity of the entertainers and donations from the Fun N Sun crowd, nearly $4,000 was collected at this year’s event.

Rabitoy added that she has set a challenge out to get to that even $4,000.

“God is good,” said Donna Bordner, GospelFest organizer.