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IMG 1682 PAGE ONE webBy Carina A. Brunson

The banquet hall at Victoria Palms was full of color last week during this year’s Festival of Tables event. Of course, the most prominent of colors were the festive red hats and beautiful purple attire that most of the ladies were wearing. There was only one exception – Me! I had on my pink hat and lavender shirt. Seeing as I have a year left before I reach 50, I am wearing pink as much as I can.

IMG 1751 webLadies donned their best for the event. Some wore sequins and beautiful dresses, while others wore outfits that matched their table theme.

The tables were full of color and personality. There were tables fully decked out in décor, while others kept it fairly simple with matching napkins, plates, and table décor.

The imagination and creativity was expressed on each table and you could tell that each hostess took time to plan out their table.

IMG 1710 webThere were two tables that had a St. Patrick’s theme with beautiful greens. There was another green themed table, but its theme was The Grinch. There were a few pink tables. One was Pretty in Pink by Maggie Loney, and another themed Senior Prom by Carolyn Crist.

IMG 1706 webThen we had some full tables like the Alice in Wonderland one that was full of stacks teacups and little cupcakes by Rebecca Baisdell. There was also the Grape Expectations table by Diana Stroup that featured grapes, lavender, colors of orange and dark green, with purple.

Then there were some of the simpler tables such as those that featured Red Hat colors, the Tea and Me table that featured placemats that had been hand painted with watercolors, as well as the Blues on the Seashells table.

IMG 1663 webSome ladies used chargers with pretty plates and cups, and some even used their own China that had been passed down to them. One of those was the Blue Willow table by Diana Garza that featured plateware that was sent to her mother by her father while he was stationed overseas.

The event was a fun filled afternoon with great food and entertainment provided by Brett Marshall and Roy Garcia. There were also doors prizes, a silent auction, and prizes that were raffled off.

IMG 1704 webNow the anticipation grows as people plan for next year’s event. What kind of creativity will we see next year?