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2024 Stained Glass webThe residents at Trophy Gardens recently put on an expo showcasing the many arts and crafts they have completed during the season. Residents showcased their wood projects, paintings, diamond art, quilting and knitting projects, card making skills, China paintings, stained glass, and so much more. These projects are mostly completed at the park, but some residents work on their projects year-round.

2024 Wood Working webWhile Betsie Brown (carving) was the main person for setting up the show this year, all activity coordinators in the park helped organize this annual arts and crafts showcase. The Busy Bees (Sewing Center/quilting group) also prepared and sold “walking tacos,” (taco salads) for lunch during the show.

2024 Art Painting webThe activity director said Trophy Gardens hosts a myriad of activity groups. They have art painting – various mediums to include watercolor, acrylic, and others, card making, China painting, stained glass, kitting, crocheting, Swedish weaving, rug making, sewing, quilting, wood carving, wood shop – making a variety of wood products including bowls, cutting boards, etc., and several others. Residents have a wide variety of activities to choose from, or to try, depending on what their interests are.

2024 Quilts webThe showcase was a four-hour event that was open to all residents of the park. All items were just for show to show the residents what can be created in the groups at Trophy Gardens. It’s all about showcasing the talent and creativity of the residents. Some items may have won prizes in other local events (like woodcarving) and are displayed with the item.

Organizers and residents look forward to the event each year, to see what has been created during the season.