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20231024 TOV Taco Palenque 5 webAt almost any Taco Palenque you visit, you are greeted by the wonderful smells of great Mexican food before you even walk through their doors. This visit was no different.

My daughter and I recently visited the Mission location. I commented on how good it smelled as we walked to the front doors. It was quite busy during the lunch hour rush, but we were pleasantly surprised at how fast it was to order. We were even more pleasantly surprised when it didn’t take long for our food to get to our table.

You pay for and order your food at the counter, but they bring the food to your table. They have a salsa buffet with condiments and several types of salsas. They also have an area where you can get your own tortilla chips.

On this visit we decided to get the Parrillada for two – A fajita plate with corn or flour tortillas, choice of meat (fajita, chicken, sirloin, al pastor, or mixed chicken and fajita), rice, lettuce with guacamole, and refried beans. We chose the mix, and it didn’t disappoint.

Both meats were very tender. The refried beans are nice and creamy, and the rice is full of flavor. The tortillas tasted very fresh – fresh enough I could have just eaten one by itself.

The wait staff was very attentive and took notice when we were done, trying to decide what we were going to take home. The gentleman asked if we wanted to take everything, to which we said yes. He was very diligent in bringing the containers we needed to make sure the leftovers traveled well.

It’s a place I will visit again. Having regularly visited other locations for breakfast tacos, I now know I will be going back to try more of their lunch and dinner options.

See their ad on this page for a location near you.