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Genres: Country, folk, cowboy, gospel, rock & pop, and comedy
Specialty: Vocals, Piano, Guitar

Dayle and GayleDale & Gayle Eisenhauer, now simply “Dale & Gayle” are retired school teachers from the little town of Newkirk in northern Oklahoma. They are on their 10th year as full-time entertainers, traveling and spreading their love of music to everyone they meet. Since their retirement of 30 years each in the public school systems, they have visited and entertained in 38 states and performed nearly 1,000 shows.

Dale has played guitar and sung with a country dance band since 1970 in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. He has been fortunate enough to be on stage playing guitar and singing backup with many country legends such as Hank Thompson, Kitty Wells, Helen Cornelius, Barbara Fairchild, Cal Smith, David Frizzell, Tommy Cash, Narvel Felts, Johnny Lee, Darrell McCall, Wanda Jackson, Lynn Anderson, Michael Martin Murphy, Jimmie Fortune and Junior Brown.

Dale says, “Each of these wonderful legends was a special moment for me as I looked up and saw “me” on stage playing music with them. I never dreamed I would ever be so fortunate. It was a dream come true to sing and play with some of my all-time country music heroes.”

One of Dale’s biggest thrills in his music career was to travel to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville with his daughter Kathy, and stand in the “magic circle” on stage and perform several songs during an event there. It truly is like they say, a magical feeling to stand where so many greats have stood and hear your voice in the mother church of country music.

For four years, Dale also put together a 14 piece band, including himself, and put on a Grand Ole Opry style show in Ponca City, OK. The show was often compared to the quality of a Branson Music Show with many fans preferring the Poncan Opry to going to Branson.

Gayle was a trained pianist, taking many lessons in her childhood years. She only played and sang in church and never dreamed that someday she would be a full time entertainer, traveling the country with her husband.

Dale & Gayle do not play or sing to any track music. They prefer to play everything live and spontaneous. Dale plays acoustic guitar and sings; Gayle plays a split keyboard and is the bass player with her left hand, and piano player with her right plus she sings. They like playing live so that even in the middle of a song, they can stop and interact with the audience, tell a joke that pops into Dale’s head or comment on something that just happened in the audience.

Their version of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” is a popular audience interaction song.

Dale & Gayle have a complete sound and are able to play dances as well as full variety shows, and music for almost any venue. They have had a great Christmas Show for the past two years, but are fully capable of doing shows for country, oldies rock & roll and gospel.

Their new gospel show, “Brush Arbor Revival” has been well received since they started performing the show.

One of their most popular parts of their show has been a comedy skit with Ms. Crabapple. The skit is called “Let Me Speak to the Manager” and is a hilarious situation in which Ms. Crabapple calls the park manager and is always complaining about common problems that all parks face, except she really knows how to “explain” it to the manager.

For the past 10 years they have played five months in the Rio Grande Valley, entertaining the “winter Texans”, and five summer months in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico playing for vacationers and tourists.

While in the Valley, you can find Dale & Gayle on most Monday nights from 5-8 pm playing at Ace’s BBQ in Mission, Thursday nights at Ace’s BBQ in Weslaco from 4:30 – 7:30pm, and Tuesday nights at Brick Fire Pizza in Mission from 4:30 – 7:30pm. This is their seventh consecutive year to play at Ace’s and have become a popular fixture of the restaurant.

Dale & Gayle have a 750 + song repertoire consisting of everything from classic and current country, folk, cowboy, gospel, rock & pop, and comedy songs. They currently have recorded and offer eight different CD’s and 6 DVD videos of some of their shows they’ve done here in the valley.

For booking Dale & Gayle, contact: Dale Eisenhauer
Phone: 580-362-5437
Email: daleeisenhauer@sbcglobal.net
Facebook: dale & gayle
Tour Dates: https://rgvaff.com/DaleAndGayle/schedule.html
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC29YjhvZbHYYVjyelFGdm8Q
Music: https://rgvaff.com/DaleAndGayle/#audioclips