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Redneck Revival webBe ready to have some laughs at this year’s Valley Star Awards set for Wednesday, February 15th. This year’s show will include Redneck Revival – a duo that is bound to bring some bustling laughter to the crowd.

Redneck Revival – also known as Bob and Alta Courtney – are often said to bring their own supply of oxygen to their shows, just in case someone might need some breaths of fresh air.

Alta is an established gospel performer and after 38 years as a PRCA rodeo clown, a retired Bob was ready for a change of pace. Originally, he was just going to drive Alta around, but being trained as rodeo clown, he still managed to find ways to make people laugh outside of the rodeo arena.

“I started as a rodeo clown, traveled all over the world for years and did the comedy for that since I was 20,” Bob said. “When I retired and all I wanted to do was drive the bus; I started telling jokes and it turned into something we didn’t expect.”

This gig of theirs has gotten them named as five-time Comedian of the Year among other accolades. They were once nominated for the County Music Awards for Comedian of the Year.

They have a knack for turning oldies into goodies again. They have recorded songs like “Wal-Mart Greeter,” “Ghost Chickens (in the Sky),” and “I Am My Own Grandpa.”

Their one-liners pop in and out throughout the show. They share stories about themselves and others and have a bag full of impersonations. In any one of their shows, you might have a chance to see Minnie Pearl, Kermit the Frog, an Indian tribal member, or hear Louis Armstrong or Ann Margaret.

Be sure to come out and see them at this year’s Valley Star Awards. You can buy tickets online at www.wintertexantimes.com, come by the Winter Texan Times office at 1217 N. Conway in Mission, or at the Mission Bell/Trade Winds activities office off Stewart Rd. and Business 83 in Mission.

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