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We have been asked often about where to go for vaccinations. We have put very little in the paper because availability have been known to change at publication time or shortly after. We have been able to put a few notices on our Facebook page and have tried to monitor them as much as we can so we can unpublish when they are no longer valid.

Several cities, including Mission and Brownsville, have had some recent clinics that have been successful and are looking at having more in the near future. I would like to get some of this information out to you so you know where to go for information.


As I have said in previous ramblings, check your city and county sites on a regular basis. They are all doing a good job at posting when clinics are, how to register, and where to go. Most have been able to streamline the process better by requiring online or by phone registration to get qualified and your name on the list. This way you do not have to wait in line, just to find out they are out of vaccines by the time it is your turn.

Besides checking your county and city websites and Facebook pages, some cities have special pages to check as well. For instance, Brownsville, residents are invited to visit www.btxcares.com, for more information on future vaccination clinics.

Hidalgo County’s website is https://www.hidalgocounty.us/coronavirusupdates.

Cameron County’s website is https://www.cameroncounty.us/publichealth/index.php/coronavirus/.

I have also been told by someone that received her vaccine in good time, that Doctors Hospital at Renaissance is a good resource and site for vaccines.

If you have a local doctor, and they are not doing vaccines, they might have a list of clinics for you. Check with your local pharmacies as well. Some of them are getting limited supplies of vaccines.

This information is ever changing. If you know of a resource or website that someone should know about, please let us know and we will put it on our Facebook and add it to this story as we can.