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IMG 8044 webOne of the things that we hear around here is that Winter Texans come to the Valley during the winter months so they can still live an active lifestyle. If they were still up north, they would be stuck inside during snowstorms, and wouldn’t have much to do but a few indoor activities when it is too cold outside. The only activity they would really get is shoveling snow, and that is something they don’t want to be doing.

So, they come to south Texas so that can have a wide variety of activities to choose from. Because of the warmer climate, and predominantly dry season, Winter Texans have a full range of outdoor activities they can participate in while in south Texas from October through March.

One of the most popular activities is golf. Many of the resorts in the Rio Grande Valley have a golf course, and if yours doesn’t, there are still plenty to choose from. There are top notch golf courses and Winter Texans have been known to try them all out and pick favorites.

GAO Billiards IMG 7125 HMiller webAnother popular sport is pickleball. Several parks have added courts to their facilities and parks and recreation departments throughout the Valley have found a benefit in adding it to their city amenities as well. Some parks have an annual mixer, while others have weekly games. Some parks even have nice indoor air-conditioned courts as well. Most parks also have set times for open play and for the various skill levels from beginners to advanced-skilled players.

Sports and other active hobbies like cards, pool, and even baking have become so popular in the Winter Texan community, that the City of McAllen has the Golden Age Olympics. The Olympics is designed for the senior community and offers dozens of active and not so active events that seniors – Winter Texans and locals – can compete in.

There are also bicycling groups, birdwatching groups, and those that get together for pool aerobics. If you want to stay active during the winter months, south Texas is where you want to be.

Softball HMiller 11 webAnd if being outside, or sporty, isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other things to do. There are social clubs to participate in – the Red Hatters being a huge one – but there are also other lady and men clubs, supper nights, luncheons, and craft shows. Many parks have craft groups with woodworking, stained glass art, painting classes, and more that offer a wide range of activities you can participate in.

You can even find rock clubs, R/C racing, line dancing – you name it, I bet you can find what you are looking for.

Something special Winter Texans take from this, and what we see when we are out and about, is that they not only stay active, but they also make long-lasting friendships.