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On The Road HeaderThey say that time flies when you are having fun. Perhaps that is true. But it seems to me that time has flown this past year...and it has not been much fun.

A little over a year ago, the Corona Virus found its way into the United States. By mid-March, we were really in the midst of a pandemic that was truly affecting all of us. Soon mid-March will be here again. Have we progressed? Did time fly by? What progress have we personally made in the fight to conquer the pandemic?

Most of us feel a little stir crazy from trying to stay isolated. There definitely is an itch - an itch to get out and travel, to get back to normal. Perhaps soon that itch will go away when once again the majority will be vaccinated, and we can travel again.

Have you been vaccinated? For me, the first shot was a breeze, especially so since it was done by appointment. The whole process from arrival at the location until the time of departure was less than an hour which included the 30-minute wait to see if there would be a reaction. Now that is organization.

It was not quite that way for one of my employees. No appointment but up at 3 a.m. to be in line by 4 a.m. After hours of waiting - and still in line - there was no more vaccine. Now that is disorganization.

There is a better way. In this age of technology, reservations can be set up through the computer and confirmed through the computer. Then it will be up to each individual to observe their reserved appointment time. More and more business locations, doctors and pharmacies have begun to realize this is the way to inoculate so many people. Good luck to you as you search for the entity that has a pre-registration system.

The rumor is out that CVS intends to work by pre-registration. If true, that will be a blessing for so many. The best system seems to be one developed by UTRGV Health with all registrations made and confirmed through the computer. Their program was probably developed in house since they are well known for their computerized statistical reports.

PLEASE, let’s do all we can to conquer this pandemic. Wear your mask, maintain that six-foot distancing and go for your vaccination. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren to conquer the pandemic. That itch to travel - even if it is just visiting family - needs a cure.