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WEB On The Road Header 600pxWe survived! We survived that record breaking freeze. It was no fun, but sometimes difficulties - and we had plenty of those - will bring out the best in all of us. Wonderful stories were circulating of neighbors helping neighbors, sharing their homes, taking over hot meals, crawling under houses to fix broken pipes, making room by pulling out air mattresses and extra blankets. One family had seven grandchildren for a three-night slumber party. Must have been a little challenging for the grandparents but just imagine what a good time those children had. It will be an experience they will remember forever. Best of all, the experience will influence them to share their love and their blessings when some emergency occurs later in their own lives.


Which brings to mind how blessed we are in the Rio Grande Valley to have Winter Texans who share their love, their time and their expertise with us. Winter Texans have made a difference - volunteering in hospitals and tutoring in schools as they helped youngsters learn to read or conquer math problems. Just that little extra attention is sometimes all that a child needs in order to build the confidence to succeed.

Tim's Coats is one Winter Texan project that has no doubt made a huge impact. Especially so during this past cold spell. During my school teaching days, the classrooms would sometimes be only half full on cold wintry days. Poorer families just could not afford the winter clothing for their children. On cold days the children stayed home and under the covers in order to stay warm. It would be nice to think that this situation no longer exists. No doubt it still does especially during this year when so many have lost jobs or have reduced income. What a big difference Tim’s Coats has made. Thank you, Winter Texans, for caring and sharing. You make a difference!