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20210202 SPI SPI Convention Center CAB 5630 webA big, big Welcome Home! We have missed you…. And you missed a hot, hot summer. In fact, we had record-breaking heat and very little rain. When the temperature dropped below a hundred it was like a cold snap and were we ever relieved.

Now the weather is just perfect for enjoying an early morning walk or a golf outing or a game of shuffleboard with your friends. In fact, the weather is just right.

Our Winter Texans contribute so much to the Valley. I know economically. You help us out. And we appreciate that. But you offer so much, much more to us and you do it with so much love and understanding.
You are a pleasure and a great benefit to us. We will never be able to tell you how much we appreciate your sharing your talents, your experiences, and your loving nature with us – The most wonderful thing is that you are willing to share with us. Thanks!

Some of you may drive a little slower than some of the others who are always in a hurry to get to their destination. But I drive a little slower than I used to also. You may not see as well as you used to, but then I don’t either. But why not go a little slower. Let’s enjoy this paradise.

Truly you have chosen Paradise for your winter home. We have plenty of sunshine – no snow to shovel. We have a beach just down the road where you can wiggle your toes in the sand, sip a cold beverage of your choice, or just sit and watch the waves breaking on the shore. Mexico is close by for shopping and enjoying a different country, culture, and a different cuisine.

20230215 On the Road Alamo Onion Fields CAB 5232 PRINT webYour winter home has the tall swaying palm trees to remind you that you are now in a semi tropical area. You can also enjoy the best citrus in the United States – perhaps the best in the world.

And how about those winter vegetables. Just take a ride down Highway 281 and see the 1015 onion that has just been planted. And that reminds me of my Farm Tour. Or the King Ranch Farm tour where the rows are three miles long … yep, we do things big in Texas.

I look forward to seeing many of you on some of my tours. Watch for the dates and prices in the Winter Texan Times as well as some advertising in the local newspapers. If you have any questions about any of my tours, check your computer or give us a call at (956) 423-1446 or (956) 664-1446 from the upper Valley. We will be glad to answer any questions.

Enjoy your time with us as much as we enjoy you. And WELCOME HOME!