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20191111 Brookridge RGV Quilt Guild Presents Quilts to Veterans CAB 0528 webWhat a wonderful contribution our Senior Citizens make to the Rio Grande Valley. They are just so willing to share their talents. Some volunteer to tutor in public schools. That is a great service not just to the teachers, but what a blessing for the students who may be having trouble reading or with math.

I think back to the time when my only grandson needed a tutor in math. He was a June baby and just a little behind in math comprehension. Today, at age 25, he is a straight A student in a prestigious law school on the East Coast. Many thanks to that tutor who was able to give her time and talents to help a child succeed.

So many Senior Citizens join together at Quilting Bee’s and quilt lap throws for those who are in nursing homes or for our Veterans who are in hospitals. Some of our local towns organize quilt shows where beautiful handmade quilts are displayed. Port Isabel already has the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show scheduled for February 16-17. Maybe your partner would like to soak up some sun on the beach while you attend the show.

Not to be outdone is the Houston International Quilt Festival opening on November 1, 2023, with five days of Market Place, classes and seminars. Passengers who have attended in the past say the beautiful quilts that are exhibited are works of art … many say it is like visiting a museum. At their Market Place, you can buy quilting machines, find patterns for different designs, and get ideas for that next quilt you piece together.

Quilting has changed so much over the years. At one time all the pieces were cut and sewn together by hand … no machines – just fine delicate stitches. During the winter months when my mother was not working in the garden, a quilting frame was suspended from the ceiling in the fireplace room. Each week on quilting day, the frame was lowered, and the ladies of the community gathered to visit and quilt. And of course, there no doubt, was a lot of bragging about the children and grandchildren, and of course a little gossip about the absent ones. I suspect that not too many ladies were absent.

Why not join with your friends and let’s go quilting.

The Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild meets monthly and participates in classes and other programs throughout the season. The guild also participates in several community service projects. There are membership fees. For more information visit www.rgvqg.com.