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Just a few more days and this year will be behind us. A New Year is just around the corner. I am sure all of us have a special plan, a dream that we want to make come true. What is your dream? Will it be a cruise? Travel to a distant country? Or just explore locally?

Travel seems to be on a lot of people’s minds right now as we are receiving a great number of calls asking what we will offer in 2025.

Organizing a tour does take some time, especially into a different country. Many hotels and attractions are hesitant to commit to a contracted rate. This has always been true but now there seems to be more reluctance as the value of the dollar, the value of the euro and of the peso is so volatile. Just look at gas prices, which have dropped noticeably in the last two weeks. But will they remain lower, or will they go back up again? Just as soon as I can get commitments from hotels and transportation, I will publish the tours we are planning.

If you are wondering about itineraries, look at our website. If a tour in the past has been successful, we generally will repeat that same itinerary. The hotels may change, because sometimes a hotel is sold, a new management takes over, and the service and quality may remain the same or it may drop in quality. When this happens, we look for other hotels, but the itinerary may continue the same with only the hotels changing.

Some of the more popular tours are the Big Bend – this one is already selling well and is about a third or more full. Don’t wait too long to sign up for this one. There will be a slight change in the itinerary, staying first in the Chisos Basin and then going to Fort Davis and the Observatory.

The Monarch Butterfly is almost always in the first half of February when the butterflies are at their peak. San Miguel de Allende is another popular tour. Now that so many churches and schools have recognized the Day of the Dead celebration, perhaps it is time to offer that tour again. There will be many one days offered with the top seller being the popular King Ranch and the King Ranch Farm Tour that includes the farming operation and the feed lot visit.

Some of my favorites are the Painted Churches, the Texan Hill Country as well as of course Texas’ most popular destination – San Antonio. I grew up on a farm and so at the top of my list is the Farm Tour. I just haven’t had the nerve to climb up and sit in the cockpit of the crop duster plane … but some women do just that!

You probably have a favorite that you want to repeat, or maybe one that you have never been on but would like to experience. Let us hear from you. Give us a call. Go … With Jo also has a very experienced home-based travel agent who can arrange a cruise or any destination that you have been dreaming of. We look forward to hearing from you. Let us help you fulfill your dream.