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The Holiday Season is now behind us and what a wonderful time of the year it has been with friends and families joining together to celebrate the season. Now it is time to put away the Christmas decorations and store away the memories of this special time. On Christmas Eve we recalled some of the past Christmas celebrations.

How about the time that the tree shoppers just couldn’t seem to find the perfect tree. Finally, they found one to their liking. But there was just one big problem…it would not fit through the back door as it was just too big. The big, beautiful tree had to be carefully wedged through the double wide front doors. Or how about the time that the Christmas tree fell over on my tiny mother-in-law. She was absolutely buried under the tree. After that we always tied the tree with fishing wire to an overhead ceiling beam.

If you have ever put together a toy doll house and know how frustrating assembling an oversize toy can be you will appreciate the memory we have of Santa Claus. Pop brought home a two-foot-tall stuffed Santa Claus only to discover once it was home that Santa had two left feet. That happened over 50 years ago but that Santa Claus comes out of storage every Christmas to supervise the decorations, the pie making and the Christmas day feast.

Probably most of us have made a New Year’s resolution and maybe more than one by now. My resolution is one that I had been thinking of for a long while before the New Years and I actually made the commitment before Christmas. For years, I have admired the contributions that retirees and Winter Texans have made to our community. Finally, it was time for me to commit. Since I am a retired teacher why was I not offering my services as a tutor in the public schools. There are many children who need help with their reading skills. I am excited about starting my volunteer work the first week of January.

My second resolution is to push for contracted rates with the hotels in Mexico. We must get those dates and rates confirmed so that we can plan our tours for the coming year.

Whatever resolution you have made, may we all hold fast to our commitments.

Have a blessed, happy, and healthy year.