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rina rambling 4139The Valley has seen some great weather these past two weeks. So, I took the opportunity to visit parts of Brownsville I have never been to.

I visited the Old Cemetery, Historic Brownsville Museum, Stillman House, Fort Brown, Palo Alto Battlefield, and stopped at a few other places to get some pictures. It was so nice outside that if I did get a little warm, I was easily cooled off with the next breeze.


rina rambling 4048The Stillman House was a welcoming site with its white columns, hardwood floors, outdoor well, and other noticeable architectural delights. Walking through the house was like stepping into the past. I loved how they maintained the older design work and furnishings. I invite you to look at the family tree they have hanging up.

I will delve into the history of Brownsville in a future story. I have plenty of its history and photos to share.


rinas ramblings 192200Another stop I made was to one of our advertisers, Build-A-Burger. I had an A1 burger that had the sauce, grilled onions, and Monterey jack cheese. It was a homemade burger that was too big for my appetite. It was worth the trip to Edinburg for a burger that I knew was going to be fresh. They have a coupon in our Taste of the Valley page – so check them out if you can.


We received a call from a concerned Winter Texan last week and I wanted to share her concern with the rest of our readers. As a Canadian Winter Texan, she was able to cross the border with some of her friends last week. But the trouble came when they tried coming back. She was detained for a number hours.

She was initially told she would need to go to Reynosa (she was visiting Progreso) and fly back to Texas. After hours of talking and being questioned, they decided to let her return to the United States. She wanted to make sure our readers know that you need to follow guidelines when crossing the border. They were nice to her, but it might become more difficult for others.

Please, if you are going to cross over to Mexico, ask before you go what is needed to get back across, make sure you have what you need. Call Customs, or ask at the bridge, but please make sure you are prepared before you cross.


We are heading into the holidays and it is feeling almost like fall here in the Valley. Cities are already reinventing their holiday activities so they can still be held, so they can still entertain you.

If you have anything you want to share, anything special you are doing for the holidays – whether it be your park or organization – let me know. Send me a picture and some information to news@wintertexantimes.com.