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This time of year always brings a spirit of Thanksgiving, We continue in this spirit even after the holiday of Thanksgiving, well into the Christmas season. My church leaders invited members to give thanks during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. We were invited to share what we were thankful for on social media platforms. You may have noticed a few #GiveThanks tags this past week.

It was a week filled with many things to be thankful for and a time to reflect on what we are truly grateful for in our lives. Seeing others that posted their “Give Thanks” made me see even more things in my life that I could be thankful for. It was a very rewarding experience.

In December we are always invited to Light the World. Each day we are invited to Share the Light in some way with others. We actually have a calendar that gives us ideas for each day. Yesterday was Giving Tuesday – an idea to volunteer with a charity or nonprofit or donate to one. Today, is Hero Highlight. We are invited to recognize someone that represents Christlike love.

There are many ideas throughout the month that I, and we as a family, try to participate in as we can. Some are easy, some take a little more time. But these things allow us to share with others, spread smiles, and fill our hearts with gratitude.

I invite you to be thankful for something this season. Despite the circumstances, there is always something to be thankful for. There are also many ways you can share your love, your gratitude with others. I know it is difficult to get together, to visit friends right now, but we can drop a note off to a neighbor, pick up someone’s paper and put it at their door, water a plant that might need some extra care – there are so many small things that can be done to show we care and bring some happiness to someone else.

Find someone that needs a little extra care this season. Find someone that could use a ‘pick me up.’ Find someone that needs to know they are seen.

It won’t only bring spread joy, but it will warm your heart and bless your own life.

If you want to participate, click here.


Folks, I need to hear from you. I know there aren’t a whole lot of things going on, we have received a few things here and there, but we want to know what you are doing this year. Let us know about your events, special occasions, club and organization activities, and anything else you are doing to fill your days. We want to feature what is happening in your lives.
Send us a picture and a brief description and we will follow up with you. We love hearing from you. Email us at news@wintertexantimes.com.