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Thank you for visiting

Us here at the Winter Texan Times would like to give you all a big, huge thank you for visiting the Rio Grande Valley. We thank you for making the Valley your home for the winter, whatever the length of time might be.

The season is ending, and we hate to see you go. We always enjoy your time with us, and our time with you, and we sure are going to miss it while you are gone.

We have been so thankful to get out and about this year. We attended as much as we could, but still wish we had attended more. There was just too much to do in the Valley – at the parks and around town. From the looks of Park Facebook pages, parks had plenty of activities for you while you were here…. And it looks like they were enjoyed by all. We loved seeing how much fun everyone had. We were thrilled to be able to enjoy some of it with you as well.

We also enjoyed seeing how much our Wintertainers™ were able to really get out there and enjoy themselves this year. I have never seen them gather and spend so much time together as they did this year. It was exciting seeing them entertain with each other and all of the camaraderie they have.

We are so very blessed to have great entertainment that visits the Valley each year. And it’s all because of you. The activity directors have a hard job trying to fill in their calendars. Make sure you tell them who you want to see at your park.

We also saw how much you helped the communities you live in and communities in Mexico. Your dedication, caring hearts, and your love for others is truly overwhelming and a great thing to see.

We wish to extend a special thank you to all of the Winter Texans that perform community service. These organizations struggle a bit when you leave, and your generosity and caring spirit are greatly appreciated. I know they are always happy to see you return – as we are too.

We also know that you continue your efforts while you are up north. We have heard how many of you continue to make quilts, raise money, and more for the organizations you help during your time in the Valley. The Valley is blessed to have you as part of the community. We are blessed to be able to share just a bit of what you do for our community.

We are thankful for all that you do and bring to the Valley. Without you, we would not be here.

You bring such good things to the Valley, and we would not be the same without you.

As always, thank you for coming and we look forward to your return in the fall.

Have a wonderful summer with your family and friends.

Until we meet again …