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I can’t believe we are beginning another Winter Texan season. We look forward to this time of year every year, but it seems to have really sprung up fast. The summer just didn’t seem that long. Other days it did feel long because it was just so hot!

But we are done with that now. Nice temperatures are returning. It seems to follow you as you return to the Valley.

There’s a reason why so many people call this place their second home. In fact, Mission, TX is one of the top 25 best places to live in the southwest. Many will tell you it’s because of the affordability, amenities, safety, and health care. Winter Texans will agree with the cost of living and will add the weather to that component as well. It’s also why many Valley cities have some top golf courses in the States.

And it’s a great week to start our first issue this season. We just had a great weekend here in Texas with an eclipse and we’ll have a total solar eclipse in April. So, it’s going to be an exciting season, and year.

We are so happy to see faces returning to this hidden gem of a Valley. Where visitors can play golf nearly all year and activities abound. We anticipate seeing many of our friends, making new ones, and attending events throughout the season.

We have enjoyed our Wintertainers™ throughout the years and can’t wait to decide where we are going each week. We love seeing our Wintertainers™ becoming friends and entertaining with each other as well. It’s so much fun watching them have a good time. They are here to entertain you – show them your appreciation and tell them thank you.

I want you to remember what this paper is about, and for – It’s You! This paper is here to share what is happening with you, your park, and your community.

Send us items about what you are doing, what your park is doing, information about someone you think is special, photos, or even highlights of a new remodel in your park.
We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to a wonderful season!

- Rina