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FB IMG 1709841753535 webThe Rio Grande Valley's Winter Texan scene isn't the quiet, gem in the rough secret that it once was.

For the winter visitors, that's a good thing – especially when it comes to entertainment. Winter Texans are known for having fun. The Valley provides tons of it too.
More and more Wintertainers™ are coming to the Valley to entertain Winter Texans. The growth can be attributed to entertainers like Gordy and Debbie who came to the Valley nearly 15 years ago and were an immediate hit. When they returned home, they spread the word and brought some friends down.

While there’s Branson, MO, a place where many of the visiting entertainers play regularly and is known for its great entertainment, the Valley's Wintertainers™ also come from Nashville and Las Vegas, and from other states where talented individuals, duos, or groups are usually looking to escape the gloomy, cold, and snowy north.

Rusty Rierson, a performer who drove down from Wichita in zero-degree weather for his first winter to perform in the RGV in 2018, became an instant hit in the Valley. He won the Male Vocalist of the Year award in 2022 and continues to be a hit among the parks.

Bruce Boudreau, a Canadian recording country music artist is one of the newer men to the game. He has made quite an impression in his short time coming to the Valley winning Male Vocalist of the Year this year, and Duo Group of the Year with his American friend/partner Tom Hiles.

MarkMerchant IMG 1820 webOther popular Wintertainers™ include Rick McEwen, the Baker Family, Dale and Gayle, Shake, Rattle and Roll, Mountain Highway, Redneck Revival, Ron Moshier and Mark Merchant. And that is just to name a few. There are too many to mention that visit the Valley just to have fun with the Winter Texans.

These individuals perform at the parks throughout the Valley. The cost is typically in the $7 to $10 range while the same show in Florida or Arizona will cost $10 to $15 and in Branson – a mini-Nashville if you will – the cost could be $30 to $50 or more for the same show.

Dancing the Night Away

Of course, the Winter Texans aren't kids anymore – but they can certainly handle their own when it comes to dancing. Whether it's line dancing, square dancing, waltzes, cha-chas, jitterbugs, or anything else, these visitors know how to make a dance floor come alive.

For Winter Texans who prefer to dance, a dance can be found any night of the week in a nearby resort. While most are country western, square, round or ballroom dancing, rock ‘n roll is growing in popularity. The list is seemingly never-ending.

The Rio Grande Valley has come a long way in the past few years in terms of entertainment; there is plenty to keep you as busy as you want to be. Come on down and let us entertain you!