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20161208 McAllen Performing Arts Center webWinter Texans have places throughout the Valley they can visit. There are sites to see, things to do, parks to visit, and more. There is a wide range of places to go and things to do from Rio Grande City all the way down to South Padre Island.

The Valley is full of history. There are forts in Rio Grande City and Brownsville, a battlefield from the Mexican American war in Brownsville, and more. Fort Brown in Brownsville features an old morgue, captain’s quarters, and the old hospital. Mission has the La Lomita Church, where the city got its name.

There are nature centers all along the Rio Grande River, highlighting the areas deep history and migrating birds and butterflies. The World Birding Center has nine parks in its organization, and almost every major Valley city has a nature park to visit. There are also a few wildlife refuges, one of which is huge in ocelot conservation.

IMG 8026 webThere is also entertainment. While your parks feature a myriad of entertainers from Branson and other parts of the US, you can also find great shows at many of the performing arts centers and theaters throughout the Valley. There is also a Symphony, and the local colleges and university also have their performing arts programs that produce several shows throughout the season.

Speaking of live entertainment at the parks though … Providing that live entertainment are many excellent performers who come to the Valley during their “off season” in Branson, Nashville, Las Vegas, and other parts of the country to perform their shows in the RV resorts and other local venues. The cost is typically in the $7 to $10 range while the same show in Florida or Arizona will cost $10 to $15 and in Branson the cost could be $30 to $50 or more for the same show. When you go to 30 or more shows or dances per season, those savings add up.

Also, if you are really lucky, you can catch a show with more than one entertainer performing. The Wintertainers™ as we have dubbed them, have developed such camaraderie among themselves, that they enjoy performing together quite often. So, you might find a show where three or more are performing together, still at that great price too.

We have a wide of activities listed in our Events Calendar, and chambers, cities and museums have active events calendars as well. The events in the Parks Calendar are activities that are open to the out-of-park guests, so your buffet of things to do is limitless.

There is a lot to do in the Rio Grande Valley, so take a look around, I am sure you will find something that piques your interest.

For a good source of all there is to see in the Valley, you can also check out our Rio Grande Valley Visitors Guide online or find one at a Texas Travel Information Center or Chamber of Commerce.