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Taking the Tabs to Texas

La Florest Taking tabs to Texas webCollecting can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House has been ongoing at La Floresta Park in Mercedes for many years. This year, Rodger and Jean Vanderville from Manistique, Michigan, arrived at La Floresta Park with over 50 pounds of tabs collected from family and friends in their hometown. These were combined with some collected at La Floresta Park, and a total of about 68,740 individual tabs were taken to the Ronald McDonald House in Corpus Christi. The money from can tabs adds up and becomes a valuable donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald Houses are located near children’s hospitals. Their mission is to provide a place for families to stay, who are far from home, so they can focus on the health of their child. They also assist families with travel and other expenses.

Golfers in the Mist

20211208 La Floresta Ladies Golf webThe dense fog on December 2nd did not deter the ladies at La Floresta from their scheduled Ladies Day Golf. Marilyn Walters from Ontario, Canada, gets ready to tee off on the #7 Hole.

Seven Oaks has a haunting good time

20211103 seven oaks webIt was a fun time, and lots of laughs. Seven Oaks Resort had a costume contest for not only their guests, but also their furry friends. The resort had a great turnout despite being so early in the season. Park management is also glad that the Canadian border is back open, and the grand prize winner was one of their Canadian residents that was not able to join them last year.

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Blankets for Veterans spreads to Valley

Aubrees 1Blankets for Veterans, a non-profit organization created by a 17-yr-old in Wisconsin, has made it to a local Valley Winter Texan park this season. Park resident Kathy Hanson is the proud grandmother of Aubree Leitermann, the founder of the organization. Leitermann, who visited Heier recently, was able to give some of the blankets that were made by Heier, and others, to Veterans in the park.

Speaking of Leitermann, Hanson says she has always been interested in how people were making big differences doing small, simple good deeds.

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Open call for submissions

submissions IMG 0686The Winter Texan Times is all about you, what you do, and where to go. With that being said, we enjoy hearing from you, and we want to hear more.

We want your humorous observations, anecdotes, and foibles. Whether stereotypical or novel, if it made you chuckle and declare “That’s just Life in the Park,” then send us your submission in 200 words or less and we might just publish it.

To be considered for publication, all submissions must include your first and last name, phone number, email address, and where you stay while in the RGV – park or community name. This information is for internal use only and will not be published.

All submissions are subject to the terms found through the “Terms” link on our website.

Your stories can be submitted via email to news@wintertexantimes.com or via postal service to Winter Texan Times, Attn Editor, 1217 N Conway Ave, Mission, TX 78572.

Tennis is making a lot of raquet during the pandemic

Tennis Aladdin VillasAccording to the New York Times, tennis, a socially distanced outdoor sport, has experienced a tremendous revival during the coronavirus pandemic. Along with golf, tennis is a safe, socially distanced activity that offers great exercise and competitive outdoor activity. In Aladdin Villas, in Mission, tennis had been difficult to attract a lot of players the past few years. But during the pandemic, interest and the number of players at the park have nearly doubled. But there is always room for more. Tennis anyone? Pictured are Maggie Leach (Server), Ben Ogg, Bob Tenyeck and Cathy Main. Submitted by Jerry Butcher.

Have you found your pot of gold?

oleander acresTo continue some fun at Oleander Acres, Tammy Garrison-Maier, activity director, hid several pots of gold around her park to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Residents were slowly finding the little black pots with some gold in them. As the pots of gold were, Tammy gave gift certificates for Krispy Kreme and other gifts. Last month Tammy hid painted rocks throughout the park. These pots of gold are not as easy to find though – there were not as many hidden. Pictured receiving their gift certificate are Harvey and Jane Diehl from Valley Center, Kansas.

Coping with Covid Times – ARVP Style

coping with covid 600pxBy Barb Zanetti
Photos by Dennis Zanetti

Alamo Rec-Veh Park (ARVP) residents have an answer to what many Winter Texans can do to thrive on long, isolating, Covid-restricted evenings.

Their solution is a golf cart parade, a follow-the-changing-leader activity that awakens this 55-plus community with 18 minutes of early evening music, laughter, waving and comradery.

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Fun N Sun holds Gospel Fest

gospel fest 600pxIt was beautiful weather last Tuesday. Simply perfect weather for a little bit of gospel outside on the Fun N Sun parking lot. There was a slight breeze and nearly no clouds in the sky. People had gathered in their golf carts or lawn chairs to see Rusty Rierson, Ralph Kuster and Lindley Creek. They had also gathered to help raise money for some especially important organizations.

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Butterfly garden at Bluebonnet RV prospers

20210210 butterfly garden 02Submitted by John Bailey

Did you know Bluebonnet RV Resort has a nationally registered butterfly garden?

The Nationally Registered butterfly garden located at Bluebonnet RV Resort was created in 2020. Countless hours of research and labor went into the creation and the continued daily care of the butterfly garden.

We have flowers, trees and plants that are native to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and several other countries in South America. Every tree and plant that we have planted here were specifically selected to attract butterflies and hummingbirds too.

The butterfly garden has two trellised entrances, both covered with vine growing flowers and followed with patio paver sidewalks to allow guests to walk through the garden and observe the butterflies and various horticulture. As well, we have two wooden glider benches that allow guests to sit and relax in the garden with their favorite book or perhaps to enjoy a cup of coffee and good conversation with a friend.

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Pets can help resolutions stick

rescued dog 600pxIt’s that time of year again when many of us start making New Year’s resolutions. After a tumultuous 2020, it may be more imperative than ever to strive for physical, mental, and emotional balance.

The good news is that there is someone who might be able to help you reach those goals who’s closer than you think: your dog or cat. That’s right, Fido and Fluffy can provide you with the motivation to get 2021 started on the right track.

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Thanksgiving golf parade held

thnx parade second placeWhat is Thanksgiving without a parade? Mission Bell/Tradewinds RV Resort added some holiday flavor to their residents’ Thanksgiving Day with a holiday parade. The parade was led by Park Managers, Scot and Cynthia Swafford with rousing Christmas Band music. They were followed by various golf carts celebrating the holiday season. First prize for decorating was the final entry in the parade with Santa Claus (Joe Wirkus) and the Thanksgiving Turkey (Pat Scott). This entry was constructed by Ron Kooima and Scot Swafford. Candy was distributed by Santa to the enthusiastic park residents. Second prize went to Jim and Judy Sonnetag for their entry decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Third prize went to Anita Harder and Theresa Hoff for their depiction of a smoked turkey. The park’s first Thanksgiving Parade added a joyful introduction to the holiday season, and they are already looking forward to doing it again next year. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all!

Winter Texans continue to serve community

Winter Texan 3 USE WEBWe all know Winter Texans contribute a great deal to the Rio Grande Valley during their winters with us. They often donate to local charities, help schools with school supplies, donate time to shelters and animal rescues, gather food during the holidays for people here and in Mexico, and they make quilts and other items for those in need.

This year has brought on a whole new need Winter Texans at Alamo Rec-Veh Park have been able to fill. A group of ladies that primarily made quilts before are now making masks.

In February and March when COVID-19 was still new and starting to shut things down, a group of women decided to shift gears. They started with a pattern and went from there. One member of the group has a relative that works in the nursing field and expressed the need for masks for patients and visitors. They originally sent her nearly 100 masks and continue to send more when the need arises. The group has now donated over of 1,000 handmade masks.

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Winter Texans taking it one day at a time

By Carina A. Brunson

Us here at the Winter Texan Times have been trying to connect with our Winter Texans more this year. In doing so, we have developed relationships with some that we are finding hard to say goodbye to for the season, and with the COVID-19 pandemic we are now worried for our friends – for all of you.

Y’all have been on our minds as we are making our own decisions on working from home, shutting down the office, and other decisions that we don’t have to face on a day to day basis.

What we are hearing from those we talk to is that you are taking this one day at a time for now – as we all are. We are all watching the news, staying on top of the current findings, current regulations in our city, county, state and nation. It’s a bit chaotic to stay on top of everything, but we are trying our best.

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Alamo Winter Texans enjoy St. Patrick’s Day

20200325 PATRICKS royal palms dsc 1128PATRICKS By Herb Moering

St. Paddy’s Day last week was pretty much of a bust around the nation with the coronavirus putting a damper on all the big city observances. That is except in South Texas where some St. Patrick’s Day park parades were held.

The City of Alamo had at least two, one at La Hacienda Estates and another at Royal Palms Mobile Home Park. The one at Royal Palms was smaller than last year’s, in part due to Canadian residents ordered to return home last week.

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